Track Review: “Love With Fury” by Collected

Collected are a band who want to get themselves to the New Blood stage at Bloodstock or die trying, having walked out of Essex armed like El Mariachi with single “Walking Target” in their guitar case at their 2018 inception and haven’t looked back since. They had a great run and jump at it in 2019 with second single “XIII” and got to share the stage with Witch Tripper and Red Method in the process, the quartet lyrically fuelled by aspects of the highest and lowest points of the human condition while highlighting the importance of self expression and individuality.

Their third single “Love With Fury” is one that is absorbing and engaging with a set of mid-tempo DJent riffs cutting through ambient moments in a sprawling slab of Metal that is as dense as it is dark, drawing you in consummate ease. The lyrics are infectious and if you’re not raising a pint into the air and screaming “You love with fury” along with the chorus then you might want to admit yourself to A&E so they can check for a pulse. There is a gritty sense of feel to the vocals, a warmth and depth of emotion that can only be reached by someone who has gone through the experience and with the depiction of a broken relationship that can also be a metaphor, it has integrity and a weight of meaning that brings it home. We’ve heard on the grapevine that this is the first of many that Collected have lined up simply waiting for the right time and on this evidence, we can not wait for the next revelation [8/10]

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