Track Review: “Wings Of Fire” by Accursed Years

Doing their bit to raise awareness and a few quid for a worthy cause, Weymouth Gothic Folk Metallers Accursed Years launched a fun raising campaign for The Woodland Trust, a charity that aims to plant and protect forests in the UK, alongside a new single “Wings Of Fire” last month. Bringing that campaign to an end with the unveiling of a music video for the track this weekend, we figure that it’s only fair that we give the band who have provided us with a combination of bleak, atmospheric and sombre cuts inspired by the likes of Amon Amarth, Ensiferum and Paradise Lost in recent times one of our rare as Rocking Horse S*** single reviews.

Completing the work inspired by The Woodland Trust by making the music video one that is also loaded with facts about deforestation and how urgent the issue is, is a very classy touch and what is clever about the song it is that the message is interwoven into the lyrics without being out of place. Those lyrics conjure images of Medieval Knights riding upon the backs of Dragons in the night sky over forest fires of intense heat; Gothic overtones in the clean vocal parts are backed by a really nice unclean vocal layer that adds a certain demonic menace to everything. That serves to build on the guitar work, which has a satisfying crunch with those folk inspired moments appearing in the vibrant leads that are nothing short of class. So even if it wasn’t for the charity element the song stands up on it’s own, which is absolutely vital in maintaining a sense of integrity, something which some charity singles fall flat with. The song isn’t lost in the message, instead both support each other, very much going hand in hand. Hats off to the Accursed Years, they’ve delivered a mighty fine tune in doing their bit to help humanity [8/10]

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