Track Review: “Forbidden Land” by Deathless

Have gone straight in at the deep end and recorded their debut album “The Prophecy” with no prior released material after forming in 2018, West Virginia Melodic Death Metallers Deathless have returned Like the four horsemen of the apocalypse with a new single “The Forbidden Land” some two years after the 2019 drop.

Recorded remotely between Virginia, Tennessee and West Virginia in the Winter of discontent that was 2020 into 2021 before mixing, mastering and re-amping were done at B&M Studios in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, the video finds the band members separated as they were during the recording itself, with guitarist and vocalist Clint Mowery playing his parts separately, doubling up his screen time like the finest of actors. The eagle eyes may also notice that guitarist Jacob Nates does likewise as he too takes on double duties playing bass, Alex Kimble having exited stage left since the album release. Things haven’t slowed down however as “The Forbidden Land” is something of a timeless Melodic Death Metal track, harmonic leads echoing the likes of Trivium while Mowery’s harsh vocals cut through like a hot knife through butter, the echo on that final “oh” being a nuance that makes for a real moment [8.5/10]

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