Track Review: “The Narrow” ft. Josh Davies of Monasteries from Suffer!

After a pair of techtonic plate shifting EPs in 2019’s “Slerm” and 2020’s “Heavy Silence” Wolverhampton Beatdown Deathcore enthusiasts Suffer have set the date of 1st July for a highly anticipated debut full length album “The Sorrow we Sow, The Hatred we Know“. Produced by Myroslav Borys (Last Hounds, Confessions Of A Traitor) at Jigsaw Audio, the eleven track affair features a pair of guest appearances with World class venom spitting vocalist duo Josh Davies of Monasteries and Alex Teyen of Black Tongue sure to make their presence felt…

…They say that the first cut is the deepest and with “The Narrow“, the Black Country brutes have chosen to deliver a powerhouse statement piece to set the tone we not only expect but demand from them based on the skull crushing quality of their prior offences. Like the Incredible Hulk they have the ability to leap across Metal sub-genres in single death defying bounds and to open this one they’ve chosen a Sludge infused Death Metal riff. However don’t be fooled into thinking the band have abandoned their Deathcore and Slam roots because as this incendiary piece flows through there are a trio of brutally distinctive tempo shifts that decimate the weak. The mid tempo Sludge Groove reaches critical mass with a sinister mid section that is pure mosh pit pummelling punishment before Josh Davies Of Monasteries lends his throat and the band change gears and drop into a downtempo Deathcore crush. It’s the sonic equivalent of being seduced by the siren’s call before she  drags you kicking and screaming into the dark waters to feed on your flesh. The vocals from  Michael “Chobba” Crutchley are as fierce and fiery as ever and in submitting this evidence to the court it’s clear that Suffer have their eyes on the crown of Ingested [8/10]

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