NEWS: Hilltops Are For Dreamers announce “The Tragedy Of Being Human”!

Limited to 100 vinyl style CDs in a card wallet with lyrics and notes, 16th February 2024 will see a new EP titled “The Tragedy Of Being Human” from Hilltops Are For Dreamers. For those not in the know, the band hail from London via Greece and have a complex sound that combines Black Metal, Blues, Progressive, Electronic, Cinematic and Post-Hardcore, all wrapped up like a giant rubber band ball. From that forthcoming record the band have premiered “Hyacinth” and while pre-orders for the EP aren’t available yet, when they are, you’ll be able to find them here.

The band comment: “Hyacinth is a short-lived flower; it blooms in spring and probably lasts only three to four years. It’s the short path of life, the narrow middle part of the hourglass where the sand passes through before it settles. A more up-tempo song with a blackened/death approach on guitar riffing but melodic vocals as a lead. Couple of Opeth references with clean guitars at parts and a catchy chorus to accompany it.”

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