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NEWS: Hilltops Are For Dreamers seek purification?

While multi instrumentalist Vasilis Papageorgakopoulos quietly plans a revolution, fleshing out his studio project Hilltops Are For Dreamers for live performances, he has returned to the bands March released debut full length album “In Disbelief” to release a music video for “Unsoiled Soul“. A cut that achieves the impossible as a stand out in an album

NEWS: Hilltops Are For Dreamers want YOU!

The moment is finally here. London based project Hilltops Are For Dreamers are looking to take the plunge and go from a ‘studio project’ to ‘a full-member band’ with a desire to first write and record a follow up to their critically acclaimed debut album “In Disbelief” and then take to the stage. Part of

NEWS: Enemynside predict the system failure…

The timing of the release of a lyric video for “System Failure” from Italian Thrash act Enemynside might seem odd give the album from which it comes in “Chaos Machine” was released via Rockshots Records at the end of October 2019 but if you watch it through and read between the lines it soon becomes

Playthrough: “Severe Serenity” from Hilltops Are For Dreamers!

As they continue to promote their debut album and first for Rockshots Records, Hilltops Are For Dreamers mastermind Vasilis Papageorgakopoulos has shared a guitar playthrough video for “Severe Serenity” from what we can only describe as an absolutely wonderful record. He gave us a few moments of his time a couple of weeks back for

Exclusive Interview: Hilltops Are For Dreamers talk “In Disbelief”!

After the release of their sublime debut album that blends influences from post-hardcore with acoustic blues melodies, progressive structuring, heavy riffing, a dash of black metal and all the while exploring electronic and cinematic paths (if you have to hear it to comprehend that, we fully understand), it was never a question of if, but

Review: “In Disbelief” by Hilltops Are For Dreamers

From humble beginnings in London in 2018, Greek duo Vasilis Papageorgakopoulos (Guitars, Bass, Keys, Programming) and Dionysus Maratos (Programming) rose to prominence at the spine of Hilltops Are For Dreamers with two well received EPs in 2020’s self titled which saw them joined by XYears vocalist Mike Buttigieg before July of the same year saw

Playthrough: “Revival” from Hilltops Are For Dreamers!

The first single “Revival” from the upcoming 25th March via Rockshots Records debut full length album “In Disbelief” from London’s Hilltops Are For Dreamers has received a playthrough video with the band claiming that the record is vastly different to the bands musical past with influences of post-hardcore, acoustic blues melodies, progressive and Black Metal

NEWS: It’s time for a revival for Hilltops Are For Dreamers!

25th March is the date that Rockshots Records have set for the release of the eight track debut album from Hilltops Are For Dreamers. Titled “In Disbelief“, it once again sees the band who live in London but hail from Greece return to Steve Lado at SL Studios for Mixing and Mastering and to get

NEWS: Hilltops Are For Dreamers announce “In Disbelief”!

Rockshots Records have announced the signing of Hilltops Are For Dreamers for the release of their debut album “In Disbelief” due out on March 25th. A thirty two minute, eight track affair, the album is said to be a world of extremes and vastly different to the band’s musical past, blending black metal with acoustic

Review: “Sleepless” by Karpenter

Named in tribute to Horror movie master John Carpenter, Italian Alternative Metal band Karpenter formed by former Fightcast vocalist Filippo Tellerini and rhythm section Francesco Vicini (bass) and Marco Biondi (drums) in 2019. Joined by guitarist duo Federico Conti of Creep fame and Manuel Nucci alongside Figure of Six keyboard and  programming mastermind Michele Mingozzi,