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Track Review: “The Narrow” ft. Josh Davies of Monasteries from Suffer!

After a pair of techtonic plate shifting EPs in 2019’s “Slerm” and 2020’s “Heavy Silence” Wolverhampton Beatdown Deathcore enthusiasts Suffer have set the date of 1st July for a highly anticipated debut full length album “The Sorrow we Sow, The Hatred we Know“. Produced by Myroslav Borys (Last Hounds, Confessions Of A Traitor) at Jigsaw

Review: “Matricide” by Old Wharf

Depending on which side of the fence you sit on, “Matricide” is either the debut full length album from Wolverhampton Beatdown Deathcore crew Old Wharf or a sophomore EP as at seven cuts for seven deadly sins it qualifies as a full length on streaming services. What it does is follow their March 2019 EP

Bootleg: “The Cruelest Creation” from Suffer!

Having suffered more than their fair share of your cancellations Wolverhampton Beatdown Deathcore collective Suffer are finally on the road again and have a string of shows with everyone from Bound In Fear and Stitched to Old Wharf and Vendetta between now and the turn of the year. The first of those shows took place

NEWS: Suffer play Lorna Shore at “Death Portrait”!

Having seen their July shows with Bound In Fear washed away by the tide of restrictions remaining in place due to the Great Plague, Deathcore quintet Suffer have had a little time to reflect on their situation. God Forbid that Lorna Shore should need yet another vocalist but should Will Ramos happen to have any

Documentary: “Matricide” recording diary #2 with Old Wharf!

It’s been little over a month since episode #1 of the “Matricide” recording diary from Wolverhampton Beatdown Deathcore brutes Old Wharf, so long in fact that our beer has got warm and flat wondering if it was actually going to appear. But good things come to those who wait as they say and this insight

Documentary: “Matricide” recording diary #1 with Old Wharf!

After a wealth of singles Wolverhampton Beatdown Deathcore brutes Old Wharf unleashed their debut album “Matricide” on an unsuspecting World at the end of March. An absolute ripper that features no less than five guest appearances over seven tracks including one from Barney Warner of Pintglass and Michael “Chobba” Crutchley of soon to be touring

NEWS: Bound In Fear “Left to Drown”!

It seems that the upcoming new record from Bound In Fear will see Ben Mason venting his spleen in cathartic fashion in something of a direction shift from side project Pintglass. Entitled “Eternal“, that record is due to drop on 12th March via label home Unique Leader Records and so there is the potential for

NEWS: Immerse have a weight on their shoulders?

26th March will see the sophomore album “The Weight That Holds Me Here” from Bristol residents Immerse and with six weeks to go they have given us the final single from the release in “With You“. All being well they will join From Sorrow To Serenity for a run of seven shows around “Trifecta“, the

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of “Devour” by Suffer!

The single that followed their brutally good EP “Heavy Silence” is “Devour” and sees Suffer at the top of their game. The Black Country Beatdown Deathcore act have given us a look into the filming of the music video for the cut and a hilarious blooper reel to go with it. We’re hoping that their