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NEWS: Postmortem Promises announce “The Total Breecall Weekender”!

Despite the search for a new guitarist being underway, Postmortem Promises have announced a run of three shows with Suffer and Heated in November dubbed “The Total Breecall Weekender” to add to their existing September dates. So expect breakdowns galore and venues reduced to rubble in the wake of these as each of the Deathcore

Listmania: New Years Day Honours List 2022!

Just before Gingerbread John McClane gets put back in his box for another year, it’s time said thank you to a few people for another fantastic year of Metal Noise. Breaking out of the lockdown of what we’ve affectionately called the plague years live shows were in full effect and we were able to bring

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Singles of 2022!

Chapter #3 of Listmania Awards season and a conundrum presents itself like a beast from the black lagoon. In a modern world where the waterfall release strategy is prevalent how do we give you a list of our top #5 singles of 2022? There are so many to choose from, it’s like being a five

Exclusive Interview: To Obey A Tyrant talk Rabidfest 2022!

If you thought that our Rabidfest 2022 coverage was over a week after the event, well have we got something for you! An exclusive interview with Brandon Singleton, the flame spitting  mouthpiece of  Symphonic Deathcore titans To Obey A Tyrant about their Rabidfest experience! The band took their new album “Omnimalevolent” to the event as

NEWS: Suffer announce a trio of final shows for 2022!

It may only be October but Halloween is just around the corner and with that bands are starting to announce their final shows of 2022. One such act are the brutal Suffer who have set their sights on a three date run with To Obey A Tyrant to round off what has been one hell

NEWS: Suffer warn of “Tide Of Misery”!

Just eight days after unveiling yet another vocal cover, Deathcore brutes Suffer have returned with a full blown music video for “Tide Of Misery” from their critically acclaimed, by Metal Noise no less (who are they?!) album “The Sorrow we Sow The Hatred we Know“. It might not be the longest album title in the

Playthrough: “Beast” by The Acacia Strain from Suffer!

Seemingly bot content with offering us merely their new album “The Sorrow we Sow The Hatred we Know“, a one take vocal performance of “Beast” by The Acacia Strain with vocal audio recorded, mixed and mastered by Myroslav Borys (Last Hounds, Confessions Of A Traitor) at Jigsaw Audio has appeared from Suffer. Be warned, s****

Review: “Suffer To Rise” by Voluntary Mortification

They say that the first bite is with the eye and so for their debut album “Suffer To Rise” Lansing Michigan’s Voluntary Mortification have gone the extra mile and not only got Mohammed Anam (Evocator, A Templar’s Burden) to create the artwork but also got Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore, Ghost Bath, Dagon) to produce and

Review: “The Sorrow We Sow, The Hatred We Know” by Suffer

Building the funeral pyre with 2019 debut EP “Slerm” and then igniting it a year later with 2020’s  follow up “Heavy Silence” that saw the band joined by Deathcore hero Tyler Shelton of Traitors for the skull battering masterpiece that is “For We Are Wretched“, Wolverhampton Beatdown Deathcore enthusiasts Suffer now find themselves wondering if with