Listmania: New Years Day Honours List 2022!

Just before Gingerbread John McClane gets put back in his box for another year, it’s time said thank you to a few people for another fantastic year of Metal Noise. Breaking out of the lockdown of what we’ve affectionately called the plague years live shows were in full effect and we were able to bring back the best live band category to this years Listmaina Awards Season. Rabidfest has given us an injection of new blood with Media Partner status and the non stop flow of bands requesting reviews and interviews has never been any greater than it is now as we enter the sixth year. So this is for those who made is possible because without them, it wouldn’t be what it is!

The Individuals
Without you we’re nothing!

Chris Underhill from My Latest Failure

The Bands
For not only delivering us some great music but also taking the time out of their busy schedules to do Exclusive Interviews with us over the past 12 months!

Joshua Bowden from Vitalivour
Michael Jon White from xygrbryrx
Kevin Byrne from Sonus Mortis
Furthest From The Light
Blight Town
Dominion Of Ashes
A Titan, A Deity
Vadim Kotov from Renunciation
Zachary Carlsson from Vikvanir
To Obey A Tyrant
Geoff Hodsman from Human Compost
Ludovico Fahey and Tom Green-Morgan from Sobriquet
Shane Robins and Levi Damiris from Asylum
Harv Lake from Ruina
Steve Sitkowski from State Of You
Whispers In The Maze
Andy Wit from Anchillys
Ryan Struck from Scary Hours
Martin Elliot from Mortal Chains
Mercury’s Well
Row Of Ashes
Ethereal Realm
Where The Devil
Aleksi Manninen from Ceased Sunfire
Jack Kent from Suffer
Jon Arnold from Promethean Reign
Ashley Easton from Eyesnomouth
Sailor Hunter
Jani Moilanen of Kaamos Warriors
Antti Saarilampi from Mustasuo
Doc Hammer
Josh Day from The Hope Burden
Arttu Pentikäinen from Kouta
Vasilis “Bill” Papageorgakopoulos from Hilltops Are For Dreamers
Frederic OR from Obscurcis Romancia
Philip Pedraza and Jeroen Van Ranst from Catalyst
Mike Stack from The Final Sleep
Huw Roch and Luke Wright from Schemata Theory
Lucas Gabb from InVisions
Joel Scott and Charlie Griffiths from Harbinger
Marius Krogsgaard Thomsen from Fixed Fight
Penny Coffin
Megan Targett from Vexed
Drowning In Blood
Travis Weinand from Whipworm
James Oliver from Sadistic Force
Ross Walker from Sore Teeth
Jasper Harmer from Beyond Extinction

The Promoters
These are the people who helped us with make it all possible!

Garry @ SAN PR
Luca Pessina @ Anubi Press
Jon Archer @ Archer Media Relations
Jazmin L’Amy and Adam Sagir @ The Noise Cartel
Donnay Clancy @ Deaf Kitty
Tristan Pratt @ Marshall Records
Mike de Coene @ Hardlife Promotion
Alec Cakebread and Alexa Gallow @ ngagency
Carlo Bellotti @ WormHoleDeath Records
Jaakko and Joni @ Inverse Records
Anastasiia @ Grand Sounds PR
Paul and Chris @ Imperative PR
Lisa Coverdale @ Hold Tight PR
Michael @ Black-Roos Entertainment
Dave @ Viral PR
Louis Dunham @ One Eyed Toad Records
Scott @ Clawhammer PR
Wouter @ Dead Mill Media
Davide @ The Metallist
Corinne Westbrook @ CS Squared
Daniel K @ Darkwoods Black Metal PR
Ricardo Gelok @ Non Serviam Records
Jordan Bell @ Full Stride PR
Zoheb @ Qabar PR
Ophelia Symons @ Bigmouth PR
Metallizer PR
Cutting Edge Metal PR

The Interviewers, Documentary and vlog  Makers

These are the people who we support by sharing their content on our platform because what they do is great and we love them for it! Check them out!

Belgian Jasper
Heavy New York
Digital Tour Bus
Total Deathcore TV
David Tan
Sean Pitcam
197 Media
Montreal Metal Shows
Nick Tronckoe Media
Oran O’Beirne at Bloodstock TV
Black Metal Werewolf
Andrew Baena from Carcosa
Rob Arnold from Chimaira
Craig Reynolds from Stray From The Path 
Iron Serbian from Capital Chaos TV

If anyone’s missing, you know we love you! See you in 2023!

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