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Review: “Committed To Flames” by Mortal Chains

Recorded at Rocking Horse Studios in Durham and produced once again by Neil Combstock, a sophomore EP “Committed To Flames” from Mortal Chains is in some ways bitter sweet. It marks the end of the first chapter of the Northern creators of all things heavy as bassist Ross Smith and drummer Alex Connor exit stage

NEWS: Mortal Chains feel the weight of the World on their shoulders?

Currently the solo project of guitarist and vocalist Martin Elliott, Mortal Chains have a sophomore EP “Committed to Flames” set for 5th April. Consisting of six songs, written by and performed by Elliott alongside former members Ross Smith on bass and Alex Connor on drums, the record has been preceded by “Weight of Ages“, a

Bootleg: “Slave To Demise” from Mortal Chains!

With drummer Alex Connor showing some love for Inhuman Nature at Get Heavy Fest, Mortal Chains continue to demonstrate that they can play a show as a two piece and hold their own  while they continue their search for a bassist with this rendition of “Slave To Demise” from Downcast Studios in Gateshead on 19th

Bootleg: “Refuse/Resist” from Mortal Chains!

While the search for a bassist lingers like a bad smell, it hasn’t prevented Durham Death Thrash enthusiasts Mortal Chains from playing live as a two piece. In July they were at The Spotlight Venue in Hartlepool and included a cover in their set. The cut of choice was “Refuse/Resist” by Sepultura and the evidence

Bootleg: “Prophet’s Eyes” from Mortal Chains!

Currently in search of a bassist Durham purveyors of Death n’ Thrash Metal influenced shenanigans Mortal Chains took to the stage at Trillians in Newcastle Upon Tyne on 2nd March and blew away more than just a few cobwebs in the process. They have provided evidence of their existence with a pretty damn high quality

Review: “The Eternal Penance” by Nine Altars

Their expressions ranging from the grotesque to the pious, stone figures and faces of forgotten characters can be seen in the stonework of Durham Cathedral that lead to the Chapel of the Nine Altars, a place where Fenwick Lawson’s huge sculpture, ‘Pietà’ of beechwood and brass, depicting a grieving Mary and a dead Jesus is

Listmania: New Years Day Honours List 2022!

Just before Gingerbread John McClane gets put back in his box for another year, it’s time said thank you to a few people for another fantastic year of Metal Noise. Breaking out of the lockdown of what we’ve affectionately called the plague years live shows were in full effect and we were able to bring

Interview: Mortal Chains talk self titled EP with Beardo Bagginz

Drummer Alex and guitarist and vocalist Martin from Durham Thrash n’ Death trio Mortal Chains spent an evening chatting with Beardbo Bagginz on Twitch, a conversation that has been edited down for anyone who missed it and dropped onto YouTube. For those not indoctrinated the band dropped a debut five track self titled EP and

The Black Map #227: Mortal Chains from Durham!

After two weeks in University Cities that share a boat race that captivates a certain percentage of the populious for 20 minutes every year, we head North to Durham for this weeks entry in our Black Map. A feature that acts as a siren, calling those sailing the seven seas of Metal to some of

NEWS: Mortal Chains celebrate Motorhead!

Recorded with Neil Combstock at Rocking Horse Studios in Durham during the sessions for their self titled EP, purveyors of Death n’ Thrash Metal influenced shenanigans Mortal Chains have premiered a new single titled “Go to Your Grave“. Inspired by and in tribute Motorhead and the much missed Lemmy Kilmister it celebrates the 45th anniversary of