The Black Map #227: Mortal Chains from Durham!

After two weeks in University Cities that share a boat race that captivates a certain percentage of the populious for 20 minutes every year, we head North to Durham for this weeks entry in our Black Map. A feature that acts as a siren, calling those sailing the seven seas of Metal to some of the lesser lights of heaven, before smashing their ships on the jagged rocks and leaving the incumbents less involved in the mainstream. We talk a lot of s*** don’t we? Ha.

Describing themselves as purveyors of Death n’ Thrash Metal influenced shenanigans from the North East of England, Durham trio Mortal Chains are the brainchild of guitarist and vocalist Martin Elliott. The man behind the grassy knoll, he not only wrote the music but also inked the lyrics behind the bands debut self titled EP. That was recorded with Neil Combstock at Rocking Horse Studios, a venue which also doubles as the bands rehearsal space and was influenced by the likes of Exodus, Kreator and Morbid Angel. But far from being limited to those influences the band chose to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the first Motörhead album release with a song in “Go to Your Grave” written as a tribute to Lemmy Kilmister in the style of the legendary act. Playing it live they introduce it with a cheeky verse and chorus of their song “Motorhead” as an intro, something that needs to be witnessed. So if you’re at a loose end and looking for some new Metal action to sink your teeth into, look no further…

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