The Black Map #212: Flayed Disciple from Taunton!

From London and Thrash infused Metalcore merchants Throne Of Icarus we head to Taunton in Summerset. A place with a thousand year history which includes a 10th Century monastic foundation built by the Normans in Taunton Castle, which later became a priory. But we’re not here to talk about that. Instead the resurrection of Death Thrash quintet Flayed Disciple, back from the dead after an eight year long hiatus which many thought would never end. They recruited ex-Burning Skies vocalist Merv Hemborough and reunited with original drummer Phil Tolfree as they plotted a course to World domination once more and delivered “A Hell In Living Flesh” last month. That came with the NSFW video for single “Warmaster“, a vicious little ditty that proved not only did they have the strength to return but that they were at the top of their game, picking up were they left off with 2014’s self titled EP as of they’d never left the studio. So if you’re in need of some United Kingdom Underground Metal then your can’t go wrong with their new record. After all, we don’t hand out 8.5/10 scores in review to just any old thing…

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