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The Black Map #213: Glass Grave from Brighton!

After a trip to London to talk about Throne Of Icarus and then Taunton to spotlight Flayed Disciple, this week’s entry in The Black Map, our weekly look at one of the lesser lights of heaven from the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene finds us in Sunny Brighton. There we find Glass Grave, a quintet

The Black Map #212: Flayed Disciple from Taunton!

From London and Thrash infused Metalcore merchants Throne Of Icarus we head to Taunton in Summerset. A place with a thousand year history which includes a 10th Century monastic foundation built by the Normans in Taunton Castle, which later became a priory. But we’re not here to talk about that. Instead the resurrection of Death

Review: “A Hell In Living Flesh” by Flayed Disciple

A prison sentence of eight years ago Death Thrash enthusiasts united in Mosh pits before the presence of Flayed Disciple as their brand of Metal allowed them to play everywhere from France to India and go toe to toe with the likes of Vader, Gojira and Aborted while playing major Festivals like Bloodstock and Hammerfest. Now

NEWS: Flayed Disciple return with “A Hell in Living Flesh”!

After an eight year long hiatus Taunton Death Thrash quintet Flayed Disciple have announced their return with “A Hell in Living Flesh”, a new EP of five cuts thar sees the band now having recruited ex-Burning Skies vocalist Merv Hemborough while also reunited with original drummer Phil Tolfree. For those not in the know, 2012 saw