The Black Map #196: Bangover from London!

If you’re Saturday night was a classic, then Sunday morning can only mean one thing. A hangover combined with the whiplash affect from over exuberant headbanging which Municipal Waste branded the “Bangover” on 2005’s “Hazardous Mutation”. Two paracetamol, two ibuprofen and a roasting hot coffees or a can of your energy drink of choice and you should be feeling a little more like yourself. Inspired by that Crossover Thrash classic are London Thrash titans Bangover who announced themselves a decade ago and a year later pummelled us into the ground with “Divine Command Theory” and gained plenty of attention for their liver performances. Line up changes and hard graft delayed progress some what with 2014 seeing stop gap twin track EP “Alive Undead​/​Genophage” before 2017 saw them win the Metal 2 The Masses competition and play Bloodstock. Inspired by that performance and with single “Floss Or Die” going down a storm the band premiered “Shovel Butcher” in 2018, a full debut album recorded at Parlour Studios with Neil Haynes. To name but a few shows with Gutlocker, Hellfekted and Red Method followed before the band re-ended Parlour Recording Studios to record “Close Encounters Of The Thrash Kind“. Aliens, tongue in cheek humour and beers are all on the agenda with the band itching to return to the stage once more…

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