The Black Map #7: Starve To Survive from Newcastle!

Our journey around the Black Map of the UK Underground Metal scene returns to the North of England this week. Sharing stages with the likes of Lotus Eater, Oasiah and From Sorrow To Serenity, Newcastle’s Deathcore quintet Starve To Survive have been making a ruckus since 2014. Released in December of 2016, their debut EP “Life//Loss” was not only recorded and produced by Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeney, but also features a guest spot from the man on “Abolition”. Calling in favours from your friends? Why not? A self-release, the EP is available over at bandcamp. Starve To Survive’s touring activity this year has already seen them supporting a string of bigger bands including Traitors. As they put it themselves, in 2018 they are planning to release new music with a heavier, more developed sound! The bands line-up consists of frontman James Freeman, Drummer Sam Heatley, Bassist Luke Gimza and axe wielding duo of Dominic Whillians and Jordan Mercer.

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