The Black Map #114: Wounded Not Dead from London!

Progressive Death Metal trio Thiago Carvalho (Guitars and Vocals), Adriano Ferraro (Drums) and Rimon Jaoude (Bass) form Wounded Not Dead and hail from the capital city of England otherwise known as London. Forming back in 2014, after Carvalho met Ferraro while on holiday from his native Brazil. Each member is a battle hardened veteran of the Underground Metal scene, appearing in the likes of Wacko, Inner Rage, Eye Of Solitude, Inebrious Incarnate and Nebukadnezza. 2017 saw them drop their seriously impressive debut together “The Battles Of Horus Of Edfu” and as 2020 dwindles on they have a sophomore album in the pipeline. Entitled “The Alchemist“, it has a first single “The Obstacle In The Way” out now.

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