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Review: “The Alchemist” by Wounded Not Dead

Calling themselves a Space Death Fusion trio hailing from London, Wounded Not Dead are an intriguing prospect of a project that began life in 2014 when members of Inner Rage, Inebrious Incarnate and Wacko joined forces. Together they created a blueprint for what would eventually become their debut album “The Battles of Horus of Edfu”

The Black Map #161: Wounded Not Dead from London!

After last weeks exploits with Unfathomable Ruination in London, we’re staying in the capital city for another Skull Crusher Coffee sponsored look at the UK Metal Underground scene and moving from Brutal Technical Death Metal to something more gentle and calming to help those hangovers. We jest. There is nothing calm, peaceful or serene about

The Black Map #114: Wounded Not Dead from London!

Progressive Death Metal trio Thiago Carvalho (Guitars and Vocals), Adriano Ferraro (Drums) and Rimon Jaoude (Bass) form Wounded Not Dead and hail from the capital city of England otherwise known as London. Forming back in 2014, after Carvalho met Ferraro while on holiday from his native Brazil. Each member is a battle hardened veteran of