The Black Map #33: From Once We Came from London!

Returning to our capital city for this weeks entry in the UK Underground Metal Scene diary of sorts that is The Black Map to showcase some of our green and pleasant lands best Metal talent, we bring you a band who have been playing shows since 2015 and have spent a year crafting their debut album. From Once We Came will be well known to anyone to anyone who has seen them at a live show. That’s because chances are they didn’t go to see them. They went to see someone else and were delivered such a punch in the face by the quartet’s live show that they had their full attention from the off. “No Call Back” has been the bands only music video for a year while bootlegs of “Return to Dust” and bandcamp released single “With Us Or Against Us” have been the bands only official output in 3 years. Losing second guitarist Jamie Carter hasn’t been any loss as David Silver has more than enough technical ability and live gurning for two guitarists on his own! Tearing up stages with the likes of Our Hollow Our Home, Brutai and Borders, we had the joy of witnessing their live show with The Royal earlier this year, so when the band say the album will drop in 2019 and they will be “hitting it hard”, you had best believe!

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