The Black Map #51: Break Fifty from Guildford!

A Nu-Metal band with Hardcore influences hailing from Guildford in leafy Surrey, Break Fifty are a band on the rise. Formerly known as “Hace” before a number of line-up changes, the band is now a quartet comprising drummer David Everad, bassist Matt Tudor-Price, guitarist Ollie Green and vocalist Hugo Knight. Given the average age of the band is of a younger generation, it might be a surprise that they take their main influences from 1999’s finest with KoRn, Mudvayne and Deftones being name dropped. Recent shows have seen a cover of “Counting Worms” by Knocked Loose in the set.

Signed to Pathfinder Promotions and with former Bound In Fear Guitarist Kier Campbell mixing their EP for Kascade Mixing and Mastering, the band are following in the footsteps of fellow Guildford Metallers Sunfall. In fact, former Sunfall vocalist Sam Worsfold was in Hace at one point! Check out this newly released music video for “Gods”, their debut, and check them out as some of their upcoming shows.

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