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Bootleg: Break Fifty at Blondies in London!

Once the location of the K Pit! series of live shows in a London dive bar that included a myriad of big names playing to 50 or so special guests at the expense of Kerrang! Magazine, Blondies is where returning Nu-Core masters Break Fifty performed “Every Scream Became A Whisper In The Dark” in full

NEWS: Pulse Vs Break Fifty in May!

May will see Nu-Metalcore aggresors Pulse and Break Fifty join forces for a trio of shows although it seems unlikely that Ben Mason of Bound In Fear and Pint Glass fame will reprise his role on “Dreamland” on any of these stages. You’ll have to wait for a Festival for that and the summer is

Playthrough: “A Red Glow” from Break Fifty!

“The fear of accepting oneself can be paralysing, offering an easy escape from the truth. But to move forward, they must reveal their scars and face the reality of who they are. Through this vulnerability comes the potential for atonement and self-acceptance” ~ Break Fifty

Listmania: New Years Day Honours List 2023!

2023 was a phenomenal year for Metal Noise and another record breaking one, so it’s time we said a HUGE thank you to an awful lot of people who make it all possible. It has always been all about the bands first and foremost. Without them making the soundtrack to our lives there would be

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 EPs of 2023!

How do you go about solving a problem like picking your top #5 EPs of 2023? Like any puzzle you break it down into smaller, easier to digest pieces and we do so by creating a few rules. It has to have been released in the year 2023, reviewed in the year 2023 and stick

Review: “Every Scream Became a Whisper in the Dark” by Break Fifty

Fusing together their love of classic late 90s elements with breakdowns and creating a hybrid blend of Hardcore influenced Nu-Metal, Break Fifty first arrived on the scene back in 2017 and able to hold their own with Beatdown and Deathcore bands they specialised in reducing venues to rubble. Unleashing an unholy trinity of singles in

NEWS: Break Fifty see Dead People?

As the start of the Festive season seems to be getting earlier and earlier with each passing year, you can be forgiven for feeling like you need an antidote. Fortunately Break Fifty have got your back with a first EP from a new line up set to land on 7th December in “Every Scream Became