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NEWS: Knocked Loose shows in August!

The comments from Knocked Loose frontman  Bryan Garris about their pair of new songs from the Hardcore crew being a reminder that the band are “heavy, intense and extreme” may seem hard fathom as arguably the band have never and will never be anything but… So if more evidence is needed the band have offered

NEWS: Knocked Loose share a music video combining two new singles!

The surprise return of Oldham County Kentucky Hardcore heavyweights Knocked Loose with a two track EP titled “Upon Loss” alongside a music video that covers both tracks in Eric Richter directed glory is a welcome one. It’s their first since new material since 2021 with vocalist Bryan Garris commenting that the songs “are a reminder

Documentary: Knocked Loose: Louisville: A Hardlore Film!

Spending the day with Knocked Loose frontman Bryan Garris in Louisville Kentucky on the bands tenth anniversary, the Hardlore crew over at KnotFest.com have painstakingly chronologically documented the rise to prominence of one of the biggest Hardcore acts on the planet. Locations, key events and personal tales are all part of the action with Garris

Bootleg: Knocked Loose at Ieperfest 2022!

You read the headline right. Read it and weep. Courtesy of Nick Tronckoe Media, the full pro-shot set from Oldham Kentucky Hardcore Kings Knocked Loose at Ieperfest 2022 is fresh out the gate in multi-cam style for your viewing pleasure. It’s a full 51 minutes front to back so you’ll want to grab a beverage

Bootleg: Knocked Loose in Buffalo New York!

Time for one from the archives now as Metallic Hardcore heavyweights Knocked Loose destroy the Buffalo Riverworks in Buffalo New York. Freshly released it was actually recorded on 11th December 2021, prior to the bands rampage across the Globe with “A Tear In The Fabric Of Life“. What price secret recording sessions with Will Putney

Bootleg: WristMeetRazor in Los Angeles California!

Courtesy of 197 Media here’s half an hour of power from WristMeetRazor at the 1720 Warehouse in Los Angeles California on 21st August. The set finds them blasting through last year’s “Replica Of A Strange Love“, a nihilistic plunge into death, sin an romance that echoes their nostalgia for James O’Barr’s The Crow, an absolute classic

Interview: Isaac Hale from Knocked Loose on The Downbeat Podcast!

Now that the touring machine of Stray From The Path is firing on all cylinders with thought that drummer Craig Reynolds The Downbeat Podcast series would be placed on the back burner. How wrong we were as he caught up with Isaac Hale Knocked Loose after their US arena tour with $UICIDEBOY$ and ahead of their

Bootleg: Knocked Loose at The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia!

Including “Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory“, “…And Still I Wander South” and “Mistakes Like Fractures“, here’s a freshly released pro-shot full set from Knocked Loose. The Metallic Hardcore champions were caught on camera at The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in on 12th September 2021, the show happening a calendar month and

Bootleg: Static Dress in Glasgow!

As the pro-shot full sets continue to rain down like pieces of a meteorite from the legend that is David Tan, Static Dress have been the latest band to benefit from his skills. Greg Hall and Kathryn McBride joined the party with camera work as the band tore apart QMU in Glasgow on Thursday 10th