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Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Fear.

The men, the myth, the legend. Iron Maiden have had the kind of career that most dream of and hardly anyone can attain, a going concern since 1975 and seemingly only getting stronger, judging by their latest offering “Senjutsu”. However, we’re going back to 1992 and the title track of the album of the same

Review: “Immutable” by Meshuggah

“For us, it wasn’t all that clear that we were making a new album. We knew we could do it, but did we want to do it? We had to decide, are we doing this or what else are we doing? After a long, long discussion, we agreed on certain things. We would make an

NEWS: Earth Groans go Grave Robbing USA?

After the promise of a cover over social media, South Dakota Metalcore collective outfit Earth Groans have returned “Wake The Dead” by Comeback Kid to ignite our weekend,  ironically enough it comes just over a year after the band “My Own Summer (Shove It)” by Deftones. March and April will see the band on The

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Tone Def.

If you named an artist and then asked a Metal Head to name a song by that band, nine times out of ten they’d name the same big song. Cannibal Corpse? “Hammer Smashed Face“. Limp Bizkit? “Break Stuff“. Nirvana? “Smells Like Teen Spirit“. You get the picture. So how about Deftones? We’d put our money

Review: “Kin” by Whitechapel

After the huge success of the critically acclaimed “The Valley” there can be little doubt that in transcending Deathcore, Whitechapel have struck their richest vein of song writing through years of dedication to their craft. If there was any doubt that the fans are loving what they are now hearing from the band, you only

Review: “Pass Out Of Existence” by Chimaira (20th Anniversary)

A whirlwind of dark emotions and introspections from Mark Hunter who plays the lover burned by a toxic on-off relationship, suffering depressive moods and suicidal thoughts, “Pass Out of Existence” is the largely overlooked major label debut from Cleveland Ohio bruisers Chimaira, despite selling 44k copies but did lay the ground work for the band

Documentary: Weaponry “Forever Nothing” Studio Diary Day #3!

It’s fast approaching the end of September and amazingly for this green and pleasant land, the sun is still shining at The Ranch Production House for day #3 of recording the new Weaponry EP “Forever Nothing” with Producer Daly George (Creeper, Milk Teeth, Boston Manor). The first two days saw drum tracking completed with Tim

Playthrough: “Apogee” from Blind Ivy!

Rewinding the clock back to 2018 single “Apogee“, Krasnodar, Russian female fronted Alternative Metallers Blind Ivy have released a split screen style guitar playthrough video that also showcases the Hotone Ampero One effects processor. The cut appears on their album “The Mess Age Inside”, notable for amongst other things the inclusion of a cover of “Diamond