Review: “Pass Out Of Existence” by Chimaira (20th Anniversary)

A whirlwind of dark emotions and introspections from Mark Hunter who plays the lover burned by a toxic on-off relationship, suffering depressive moods and suicidal thoughts, “Pass Out of Existence” is the largely overlooked major label debut from Cleveland Ohio bruisers Chimaira, despite selling 44k copies but did lay the ground work for the band to create a further six albums including the critically acclaimed “The Impossibility of Reason“. Infusing influences as wide ranging as The Cure (the band would later cover “Fascination Street“) and Deftones (Steph Carpenter appears on “Rizzo“) into their sound inspired by Death Metal and Fear Factory‘s electronics, they created a dark psychological thriller of a record that surfaced between the end of Nu-Metal and the beginning of the Metalcore era. Hunters vocal range impresses with plenty of bark and bite but also a Layne Stanley, Alice In Chains inspired clean sound on the single “Sp Lit“. Chris Spicuzza’s electronics often take influence from the likes of Nine Inch Nails, adding little nuances and eerie moments that sit in the background and pop out of the mix like a serial killer lurking in the darkness. After this work, the band style shifted into heavier and darker territories, taking a less is more approach to the electronics with Spicuzza adding backing vocals and artwork to his portfolio, but this record remains a solid starting point and a gateway album for Nu-Metal fans looking for something heavier [7.5/10]

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