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Review: “Chimaira” by Stone Horns

“We’re all chasing a chimera, but isn’t it the chimera that’s chasing us? That’s the question this album tries to answer, combining freshness and warmth, violence and peace, waves, and digressions. There’s something for every metal taste and color. The aim of this album is for fans of every sub-genre of metal to be able

NEWS: Stone Horns escape the abyss!

You can’t be in front and behind the camera, scream and play bass at the same time… can you? Now that the dust of a year long pre-release single campaign has settled, Rockshots Records are finally distributing “Chimaira”, the third album French Groove Death collective Stone Horns. In celebration of that the band have chosen

NEWS: Ingested premier “Paragon Of Purity”!

Adorned by artwork that immediately made us think of looking at Mount Rushmore while on acid, Mancunian Death Metal act Ingested have announced that Mark Hunter of Chimaira and Josh Middleton of Sylosis will join them as guests on their next album. Titled “The Tide of Death and Fractured Dreams” that will drop on 5th

Bootleg: “Rise of Apophis” from Stone Horns!

They say we’re over the top on detail but we can’t help but notice the trend so we’ll tell you that thus far Marseille France Groove Death beasts Stone Horns have shared a live recording between every single release in the campaign for their third album “Chimaira“. That means the arrival of this live rendition

Bootleg: “Surging Out The Nile” from Stone Horns!

While we impatiently wait for 26th January 2024 and the release of the third album “Chimaira“ via Rockshots Records from French Groove Death collective Stone Horns the band themselves have been busy playing shows. They’ve shared “Surging Out The Nile” from their set at Leda Atomica in Marseille on 17th November, a cut which appears on

NEWS: Stone Horns break their chrysalis!

“Your skin was already sold, The moment you said “yes” to God, My chrysalis has bloomed, You’ve never seen anything as beautiful as, My chrysalis has bloomed I can finally breathe, I’m flying right beside you you’ve never seen anything as beautiful as me”

Bootleg: “Age Of Chimairas” from Stone Horns!

Following the news earlier this week that Rockshots Records have snapped up the option to distribute a third album in seven years from France Groove Death beasts Stone Horns on 26th January 2024, a live rendition of “Age Of Chimairas” has surfaced. Caught on camera at 6MIC Aix en Provence on 11th October, the would be title

NEWS: Stone Horns announce third album “Chimaira”!

Rockshots Records have announced they will be releasing the third album in seven years from Marseille France Groove Death beasts Stone Horns on 26th January 2024. The first glimpse of “Chimaira” comes in the form of a music video for their first single “Age of Chimairas” with the album said to be something of a

Documentary: Chimaira: Inside The Rehearsal Room 2023 Episode #2!

Who knows just how many times Cleveland Ohio Groove Metal act Chimaira will return, but while there is moonlight, music, love and romance… the band reformed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their seminal sophomore album “The Impossibility Of Reason” and play a few nights at The Angora. In the build up to that, they

Documentary: Chimaira: Inside The Rehearsal Room 2023 Episode #1!

The man, the myth and the legend that is Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold has shared the first of a series of featurettes building up to the the bands reunion and celebration shows around the 20th anniversary of their seminal album “Impossibility of Reason“. Spider Studio in Cleveland Ohio is the location for this one with