Review: “Deserto” by Worst

Most Metal fans will know San Paulo Brazil as the home of Thrash Metallers Sepultura. But the city also has a thriving Hardcore scene. Formed in 2012 by a pair of Drummers, Fernando Schaefer and now vocalist Thiago Monstrinho to fuse lyrics in both Portuguese and English are Worst. “Deserto” is the bands 4th full length album, following the hugely successful crowd funded album “Instinto Ruim”.

“Left For Shit” sees frontman Thiago Monstrinho let out a Jamey Jasta esq roar as the album opens with a song very much in the “Persistence” era of Hatebreed mould. The riffs are bouncy with a Thrash Metal edge with caustic acid vocals lyrically straight to the point. “Draining Me” continues the vibe of the opener while slinging gang chant lines and more of that hardcore ethic and approach. Lyrically it’s a song that speaks out about those who drain our energy with their negativity. A couple of choice breakdown moments and a surprise “Blegh!” are nice touches. “Ate o Fim” (or “Until The End”) is the first Portuguese language song of the album and it has no disruption to the flow at all. Instead it brings a Metallic Hardcore edge with driven riffage and drum fills that border on the tribal. There is even some lead work from guitarist Renato Roamno who is also able to capture some of those late 2000’s Hardcore elements.

Starting off with a pick slide “Possessed Eyes” brings a more Metallic riff while capturing a more menacing approach. Thiago Monstrinho’s bark is consistently sharp and with slab after slab of breakdown it’s without a doubt a headbanger. “Lost” is the longest track on the album at 3 minutes 49 seconds by a good 30 seconds but manages to provide more on the storytelling side lyrically to keep the flow of the album going. Stuccato guitars with good use of pause breaks to allow the footwork of drummer Fernando Schaefer to shine is a joy. “Noite” (or “Night”) is the second of the albums trio of Portuguese language tracks and returns us very much to the tough streets of San Paulo and the hard knocks of a tougher life.

“Última Gota de Fé” (or “Last Drop of Faith”) brings to mind the likes of Orange County hardcore crew Throwdown in their “Haymaker” era. Dropping things down to build them up and then smash through with some punchy breakdown riffage and chunky basslines from Bruno Nicolozzi. “Cultural Disease” follows suit with a ferociously fast start out of the gate and squeal guitar breaks while Monstrinho’s lyrics talk of the politics of the day and how those in power line their pockets while the workers suffer. “How much is the price we pay?” Is what they ask. “We didn’t ask to be born here!” Is what the crowds at the shows will respond. If they manage to get their breath back from the mosh pit for long enough to join the call and response that is! The title track closes off the album with harshly whispered vocal over squealing guitars and a pummelling from the rhythm section. “Deserto” is a track that speaks in tongues while the wind blows. It might be an odd choice for title track, but it is the most stand out as it is the most different. Worst might not break out of the Hardcore staples but what they do is consistently bring headbanging good fun to the plate. The lyrics are socially aware and see the band deliver their message in what is effectively protest music, though it’s not all about that. In “Deserto” they’ve created a highly accessible and interesting hardcore record. It’s as solid as a rock. [7/10].


  1. Left For Shit
  2. Draining Me
  3. Ate o Fim
  4. Possessed Eyes
  5. Lost
  6. Noite
  7. Última Gota de Fé
  8. Cultural Disease
  9. Deserto

“Deserto” by Worst is out now via BDHW Records and available over at bandcamp.

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