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NEWS: Jack Nicholson: You Can’t Handle Worst!

Filmed in their native San Paolo earlier this year, a fourth music video from Brazilian Hardcore crew Worst has surfaced from their new album “Resurrected“. This time the band have chosen “You Can’t Handle It” for the purpose as they prepare to head over to Europe at the end of the month. A run from

NEWS: Worst speak the truth!

There is nothing quite like San Paolo Brazilian Hardcore heavy hitters Worst and their return with an all new line up orientating around original vocalist Thiago “Monstrinho” Sierra with album “Resurrected” is a welcome one. The band have dropped a music video for “A Verdade” (or “The Truth“) with 1054 Records handling the distribution of

NEWS: The Resurrection continues for Worst this summer!

The long teased new record from Sao Paulo Brazil Hardcore heavyweights Worst has finally been given a release date and cover art to accompany the previously released single “Don’t Give Up“. Aptly titled “Resurrected“, the record will drop on 23rd June after a five year wait with an all new line up behind original vocalist

NEWS: Worst refuse to back down!

It seems that the reanimation of the corpse of San Paolo Brazil Metallic Harcore heavyweights Worst is complete as the band have announced not only a full European mainland tour begining in France at the end of September but also a new EP. Recorded and mixed at their usual haunt Dharma Studios by Rodrigo Oliveira

NEWS: Worst dig the graves…

Recorded and mixed by Rodrigo Oliveira at Dharma Studios, the long awaited return of São Paulo Brazil Metallic Hardcore crew Worst has finally arrived with new single “Desenterrado” (or “Dug up“). The cut comes complete with a music video directed by Rafael Rossener which leaves the question on everyone’s mind unanswered. Does the return of

NEWS: Worst return with “Fakada Nas Costas”!

After halting their path of destruction on 1st June 2019 in order to resolve personal issues, 20th February 2022 saw the return of Brazilian Hardcore crew Worst with original vocalist Thiago Monstrinho reinstated for a sold out show. Now, once again recorded and mixed by Rodrigo Olivera at Dhrama Studios in San Paulo Brazil, the

NEWS: It’s time to get F***ing Violence once more!

Former Worst vocalist Thiago Monstrinho continues to cut his way through the urban jungle of Brazil with his new Hardcore project Fucking Violence who have dropped a new cut on “Celebrate When You Die” alongside a music video directed by Rafael Rossener. As with the Worst material, the cut was recorded at Dhrama Studio in

NEWS: It’s a new dawn again for F***ing Violence Hardcore!

When Worst vocalist Thiago Monstrtnho exited stage left under controversial circumstances during the “Deserto” cycle he was always destined to return and after setting the tone with a lethal dose of Brazilian Hardcore hatered in 2019 album “Ingratidao” (or “Ingratitude“), his new band F***ing Violence have returned with “Amanheceu De Novo” (or “Dawn Again“). Once

Planet Metal #3: Brazil!

So we’ve been to Italy and to Russia over the past couple of months with our Planet Metal feature so the question is, can we do a five band feature for Brazil without mentioning Sepultura? You bet we can! If you’re new to this game, then the rules are real simple. Each week we highlight

NEWS: “Ingratidao” from F***ing Violence!

San Paulo Brazil isn’t just the home of Sepultura. Hardcore quartet Worst severed their ties with vocalist Thiago Monstrinho after their album “Deserto” in controversial fashion but back at Dhrama Studios with Rodrigo Oliveira and Heros Trench, “Ingratidao” the 2019 debut album from F***ing Violence. Here’s the official music video for the title track.