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Playthrough: “Recode” from Fear Factory!

We might be no closer to the announcement of a replacement vocalist for Burton C Bell or any tour dates but in “Aggression Continuum“, the 10th Studio album from Fear Factory, we do have one almighty slab of Industrial Metal. Dino Cazares, Tony Campos and Mike Heller have shared a playthrough performance of “Recode” from the

Interview: Fear Factory talk”Aggression Continuum” with Tris!

It has been almost a week since the arrival of “Aggression Continuum“, the 10th studio album from Fear Factory and while we braced for impact fearing that Burton C Bell had walked away knowing it was a steaming pile, Mastermind Dino Cazares kept the faith. Rightly so as the album is actually one of the

Interview: Fear Factory talk “Aggression Continuum” with Banger TV!

Two singles down and with three days to go before the much talked about “Aggression Continuum” appears from Fear Factory, main main Dino Cazares chats with Daniel Dekay at Banger TV. The subject matter includes how the album almost didn’t happen, what it took to rework 2017’s shelved album “Monolith” and how the legacy will

Interview: Fear Factory talk “Aggression Continuum” twice!

After a weekend that saw a second single from the upcoming new Fear Factory album “Aggression Continuum“, their first in six years, today has seen not one but two interviews with guitarist and now arguably mastermind Dino Cazares appear. The first is with Heavy New York and the the second with Metal Injection as he

NEWS: “Fuel Injected Suicide Machine” premiered by Fear Factory!

…without much fanfare a second single from the upcoming new (old) Fear Factory album “Aggression Continuum” has surfaced. Entitled “Fuel Injected Suicide Machine“, this audio stream will no doubt be followed by a full on music video like its predecessor “Disruptor“. What are the chances of the original album, now effectively the demo of this

Playthrough: “Disruptor” from Fear Factory!

So Dino Cazares has his very own Signature Multi Scale 7 String Blood Red Camo Ormsby guitar and it looks pretty damn cool. The now considered Fear Factory Mastermind has given us a playthrough of new cut “Disruptor” from the bands upcoming and pretty damn controversial upcoming new album “Aggression Continuum” out 18th June 18

Review: “Self Titled” by Skorb

An anonymous quartet cloaked in Monks robes and shrouded in mystery as it is suggested that even their label, Corrupted Flesh Records, do not know the real names or faces of any of the members of the act, Skorb were formed in 2019 and hail from St. Petersburg in Mother Russia. Inspired by bands like

NEWS: Fear Factory debut “Disruptor”!

It’s been five years since the last Fear Factory record and after all the legal battles, back stabbing, s*** talking and disappearance from streaming services of “Archetype” and “Transgression“, we finally have a new-ish song. New in the sense that it was reworked based on a 2017 recording with new guitar and drum parts, not

Review: “Dividing The Double Helix” by Synastry

Touring religiously Synastry released a pair of records in 2006’s “Pallets Of My New World”  and 2008’s “Blind Eyes Bleed” before going dormant four years on and having been a long dormant project, the reformation and resurgence of Montreal Canadian’s Synastry has been a joy to behold. Just five months after their first EP “Civilizations