Exclusive Interview: 20 Questions with… Danny Keene from Spoiler!

After their triumphant run of four live shows with InRetrospect in January saw them finally make their presence felt in the live arena after two years and four very well received singles, it was only right that we had another chat with Essex Nu-Metalcore monsters Spoiler. So as the run of 20 random as you like questions continues to blaze a trail like those found behind a DeLorean as it hits 88 miles per hour, here’s one with their powerhouse drummer Danny Keene!

Q1. What’s your poison? “My poison? Well too much of anything can be bad for you… My poison is energy thieves. Never attract a shit magnet”

Q2. What’s your habit? “Being too OCD with knives in a fork draw.”

Q3. What does the day after a tour look like? “Day after tour looks like a day of eating the worlds healthiest food after eating from the shittiest restaurants. Cold shower, good food and the gym.”

Q4. Does it feel strange to see you have listeners as far afield as Brisbane and Dallas listed in your stats on Spotify? “It’s not strange – I would say it’s the best feeling, people like our music and we’re able to get it out so far”

Q5. Naming no names, if you read about drama at a venue from a band or two and the offer of a show comes up there, do you think twice? “Depends on what drama they are bringing. If it’s good drama I’m up for it, if it’s shit drama I’m not, you know what I mean?”

Q6. Someone puts laxatives in your coffee as a prank. How are you getting them back? “By shitting in their lunch bag”

Q7. You recorded a cover of “Everything Ends” for the Quazar Studios Slipknot tribute album “Two Of Nine“, a celebration of the lives of Paul Gray and Joey Jordison while raising money for the National Voices Charity in aid of those who have Transverse Myelitis. How did your involvement come about? “Had to ask Jack [Turner, Bass] this one. He said he found a post via the Metalcore Facebook Group & got in contact with Quazar about appearing on the album as we are all such huge Slipknot fans”

Q8. You find Aladdin’s lap and bag yourself three wishes. What are you wishing for? “Endorsements, having a headquarters & the time to play whenever we want and for a plastic surgeon to sort out my nose”

Q9. One of your bandmates has a beer thrown at him during a show. Are you diving in and starting a ruckus or letting him sort himself out? “I’ll be stopping the show and f**king him off out the door. No violence at our shows”

Q10. What was the last record you listened to; what’s your go-to album and what is your guilty pleasure? “Deftones – You’ve Seen The Butcher – it’s f**king dirty and sexy at the same time. Go to album Cypress Hill – Temples Of Doom. Guilty Pleasure – George Michael”

Q11. As a band you’re on your third vocalist; have you thought about re-recording “Repress” and “Brighter” with Will Cattanach the helm? “Those songs are done and out there. I feel there is no need to play about with what’s already created”

Q12. How brave are you? One Chip challenge, Ice bath or throw your bullets in the fire and run like hell? “Ice bath all the way – I love them anyway”

Q13. You’re having a quiet drink with a couple of mates when you hear someone at a nearby table in the pub trashing your band for reasons that are frankly bullshit. Are you having a word or letting it go? “I couldn’t give a f**k – some will like you, some will love you, each to their own”.

Q14. What’s your hangover remedy? “Cold shower and lots of fruit and fluids”

Q15. Why did you decided to remain a quartet when Will Cattanach moved from guitars to vocals and not get a replacement guitarist in? “Because it was destined to be. It runs smoother, we’re all on the same level (we all abuse each other) and Will is a f**king master as a front man”

Q15. An ex-girlfriend threatens to talk nonsense about you on social media to ruin the band if you don’t give her a starring role in your next music video. Are you giving in to her demands or not standing for any nonsense? “ha ha ha not happening – she could say all she wants!”

Q16. If you see a Gorilla riding a Rhino down the road in front of you, are you following to see what the fuss is about? “I’m jumping on with the gorilla”

Q17. Pizza and beer is a sensational award winning combination so what are your favourites? “Sex and Cannabis”

Q18. You get offered a cameo in a Stephen King movie and a song on the soundtrack but in order to get it you have to pay the devil his due. What are you prepared to give? “I’m prepared to give anything, take my soul!”

Q19. What would mean more to you as a band this summer? A one off festival appearance at Tech-Fest or joining one of the headliners like Within Destruction for their “Road To Tech-Fest” 10 date tour? “I’d love the Tech-Fest slot – We’d have the best time of our lives”

Q20. Who are you thanking in your Grammy Award Winning speech? “I’m thanking everyone that has made it happen, that has pushed us to go harder and I’ll be thanking ourselves as well for putting in the hard work”

You can catch Spoiler live with Glower in March…

25th Luton, Castle Live

26th London, Engine Rooms

27th Swindon, The Victoria

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