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NEWS: InRetrospect living in Dreamland?

Fresh from a run of co-headlining shows with Thousand Thoughts, Leeds Progressive Metalcore outfit InRetrospect have premiered their first single of 2023 in “Dream Awake“. The year promises to be another huge one for the band with Tech-Fest and Wildfire Festival confirmed for the summer as well as joining Glass Grave and Exist Immortal at

NEWS: InRetrospect show you what you’re missing?

Leeds Progressive Metalcore enthusiasts InRetrospect have released a live video for “Deadweight” from their debut EP “Current State” with the footage captured from their recent first ever headlining tour. It gives those who participated in the action the chance to relive the moment while also giving those who missed out to wake up, smell the

NEWS: We Struck Gold find their stride…

Two days before the release of their highly anticipated EP “Feel Nothing“, We Struck Gold have premiered a music video for new single “Momentum” via Dreambound. It will then be just another 6 days before they hit the road for a quartet of shows with InRetrospect, who themselves have a new EP out. So what

NEWS: InRetrospect welcome us to heaven!

…with debut EP “Current State” releasing just around the corner on 10th June, now is the perfect time for Leeds based Progressive Metalcore outfit InRetrospect to release a new single. They’ve chosen “Safe Heaven” for the purpose from the six track affair that has strictly limited numbers of physical editions available here. Catch InRetrospect with

NEWS: InRetrospect premier “deadweight.”, announce summer plans…

Following the 23k of Spotify streams earning singles “current_state.” and “substrate.” Leeds Progressive Metalcore band InRetrospect have premiered the third single from their upcoming debut EP “Embrace Eternity” titled “deadweight.” produced and recorded by Mike Bennett at Foxhound Studios. They have a wealth of shows on the horizon and a some classy looking merch so

Playthrough: “Current State” from InRetrospect!

Not that there is anything wrong with using artistic licence but while it maybe labeled as a playthrough, this new strings only video from Progressive Metalcore outfit InRetrospect for recent single “Current State” is more of a performance one. Shot by Tech-Fest favourites Loki Films, it’s all about the stunning visuals and following the news that