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Exclusive Interview: Sunfall talk about their return from hiatus!

The best thing about 2021 so far without a shadow of a doubt has been the return of Sunfall from hiatus with the Will Putney mastered single “Harakiri“. The Surrey based Post-Metalcore outfit had been off the grid since 3rd November 2019, leaving us to muse on when they might return having given us the

NEWS: Sunfall return with “Harakiri”!

November 2019 saw Guildford Post-Metalcore act Sunfall enter hiatus after a run of shows with MTXS. Vocalist Sam Worsfold had emigrated to Australia and founding member and guitarist Oliver Welzen-James had turned to Ben Mason (Bound In Fear, Pintglass) for the run as their highly anticipated debut EP “Serenity” arrived a little later than hoped.

NEWS: Bound In Fear stare into the “Everblack”!

As their new EP “Eternal” has surfaced from the ocean like a beast from the black depths via Unique Leader Records, Downtempo Deathcore collective Bound In Fear have shared an animated video for “Everblack“. Be warned, there is some sensitive content here which helps paint a harrowing picture. It looks as though their run of

Review: “Unnerved” by Break Fifty

Originally known as Hace, Guilford Nu-Metalcore outfit Break Fifty have been on our radar for quite some time. They started out in 2017 playing a hybrid blend of Hardcore influenced Nu-Metal, cutting their love of a breakdown with classic late 90s elements. In 2019 they dropped the single “Gods” which has clocked up 83k of

Review: “Geezas Worldwide” Split EP by Strangled and Pintglass

Two bands further apart Globally you’re unlikely to find with Oklahoma Slammers Strangled playing off against Guildford, England Deathcore supergroup Pintglass, fronted by Barney Warner (Replacer)  & Ben Mason (Bound In Fear, Sunfall, Carbine) but somehow they’ve made the unthinkable a reality. Both bands should need no introductions because both of their previous releases where

NEWS: Bound In Fear unveil “Stigmata” video!

Downtempo Deathcore titans Bound In Fear have subtly announced the arrival of former A Trust Unclean guitarist Steve Hunt into their line up with a music video for “Stigmata” from their “The Hand Of Violence” record shot by Shaun Hudson of Loki Films. The news comes as the band are preparing for an extended tour

Bootleg: “Naysayer” from Architects!

A second song culled from Brighton Progressive Metalcore titans Architects set at Rockpalast in Germany in 2015 has emerged. Having had the pleasure of “Gravedigger” yesterday, today sees “Naysayer” rear it’s ugly head. Both tracks appear on “Lost Together // Lost Forever“, an album which Sunfall chose for the episode six of our Under The

Review: “Obsidian” by Viscera

If they’re not already on your radar, then here’s what you need to know about Viscera. In their ranks are members and former members of Heart Of A Coward, Sylosis, Nervecell, Surfaces, Martyr Defiled and Abhorrent Decimation in vocalist Jamie Graham, guitarist Ross McLennan, bassist David Archer, drummer Alex Micklewright and guitarist Adam Bell. As experienced players

NEWS: Viscera streaming “Delilah”!

For those not in the know, Viscera are a super group who are about to blow your mind with their debut offering “Obsidian“. Available for pre-order here, the album will appear on 6th March via Unique Leader Records with new song “Delilah” premiering today. Super group? In their ranks are members and former members of

NEWS: Viscera get “Immersed In Ire”!

One of the most anticipated albums in Q1 of 2020 is without a doubt the debut from Viscera. Rearing it’s ugly head on 6th March via Unique Leader Records and going by the name “Obsidian“, it sees the band on tour with Decapitated raiding across Europe in March and at this summer’s incarnation of Tech-Fest.