Playthrough: “Reapers” from Sunfall!

Out Of Line Music signings Sunfall continue to blaze a trail somewhere in Nu-Core with new vocalist Aiden Cooper and Aaron Matts of ten56 fame going toe to toe on recent single “Reapers“. They’ve been waterfall releasing new cuts with alarming regularity since 2019 debut EP “Serenity“, including Slipknot and Sepultura covers so are half past due a debut album…

Guitarist Oliver Welzen-James comments:

“Tuning: G# F# B E G# C#

Guitar: Arken Guitars Custom

Notes: Powerchords are achieved through a harmoniser set to a P5th, this is due to the tuning not naturally allowing powerchords of the 6th string. Tabs are available which also include a 7-string version for those without a harmoniser”

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