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NEWS: Carcosa see ghosts in the mercury?

Never in our darkest nightmares did we think that Canadian Deathcore collective Carcosa would have the… cojones to pull a Ghostmane cover out of the bag without getting blackballed. But ahead of their “Everything’s F***ed” North American tour with Archspire, Alluvial and Aborted this summer, the outfit have taken “Mercury” and made it their own

NEWS: Aborted bring out their dead…

For their twelfth studio album titled “Vault Of Horrors“, Belgian Deathgrind chainsaw assassins Aborted have lined up a member of Death Metal or Deathcore royalty to appear on every single one for the ten tracks that appear on it. Just stop and take that in for a moment. Recorded with producer Dave Otero (Allegaeon, Cattle

NEWS: Aborted find video nasties in the Vault Of Horrors!

Recorded with producer Dave Otero (Allegaeon, Cattle Decapitation) Belgian Deathgrind collective Aborted are once again to remind us that their nation is as famous for them as much as their beer and chocolate with a twelfth studio album titled “Vault Of Horrors“. Said to be inspired by legendary horror films on VHS including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Singles of 2023!

Like a boomerang every year our listmania awards season between Christmas and New Year comes around again and after six years the question “when will it stop?” is one that can only be answered with “how long is a piece of string?“. So now that the hangover and the Bailey’s is gone (other Irish cream

NEWS: Carcosa return to Nothing(ness)?

A third single of 2023 from Canadians Deathcore brutes Carcosa finds them going in search of a heavier sound. So they turn to a Sith Warrior in Buster Odeholm (Humanity’s Last Breath, Reflections, HIVE) who re-amped, mixed and mastered “Nothing“. That gets accompanied by some live footage as the band continue to build on the

Documentary: Carcosa bring Deathcore to Bus Invaders!

While out on the Lotus Tour with Fox Lake, VCTMS and Within Destruction, Canadian Deathcore collective Carcosa were stopped at the WC Social Club in West Chicago Illinois on 8th February. The reason? So the Digital Tour Bus cameras could snatch another episode of their infamous Bus Invaders series, which is fast approaching the 1750th

Documentary: Van Life in the US #3 with Carcosa!

Ever wondered what bands do after shows before getting back in the van or bus and heading to the next stop on a tour? Well… the  third episode of the US tour documentary from Canadians Deathcore collective Carcosa finds the band sipping Reb Bull and getting tattooed with the band logo between venues alongside Within Destruction,

Documentary: Van Life in the US #2 with Carcosa!

What does a guitarist do when enduring van life on tour? Goes guitar shopping of course! That and questionable AirBNBs are the main reasons to watch the second episode of the US tour documentary from Canadians Deathcore collective Carcosa as they burn down venues alongside Within Destruction, VCTMS and Fox Lake. Twenty days ago they

Documentary: Van Life in the US #1 with Carcosa!

Despite dropping a new single in “Born To Lose”, Canadian Deathcore mob Carcosa are currently on a US tour with Within Destruction, VCTMS and Fox Lake. What does one do while on tour? Naturally if you’re a YouTuber as well as a musician like guitarist Andrew Baena you make a tour documentary. So part one

NEWS: Carcosa born to lose video and playthrough for new single!

That’s right. Canadian Deathcore mob justice lovers Carcosa have wasted no time in dropping an eight string guitar playthrough courtesy of Andrew Baena on top of a lyric video for a brand new cut titled “Born To Lose” in the ultimate creature double feature [phrase pending decommission ~ Ed]. Be warned though, the images in