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Documentary: Big Week Out 2021 for Angelmaker!

Canadian Deathcore brutes Angelmaker take us behind the scenes as they prepare for a week that will include shooting not one but two music videos as well as a live session in their native Vancouver BC. Add to that the announcement of a partnership with German merch giants Impericon for all their EU sales saving

Documentary: AngelMaker Studio Edit 2020!

From November – December 2020 Canadian Deathcore monsters AngelMaker went into the studio with Tim Creviston (Spiritbox, Misery Signals) to track their latest material and a short and yet hilariously sharp mini documentary from those sessions has been thrown out there for our viewing pleasure. 2021 marks a decade of destruction from the North Vancouver,

Documentary: Studio Build with Carcosa!

A few days after Vancouver Canada Deathcore collective Carcosa (ex-Galactic Pegasus, Angelmaker) dropped a full length album in “Anthology“, guitarist Andrew Baena takes us on a front to back tour of what it’s like to get a new place and build a home studio in a long gestating documentary that offers a real insight into

NEWS: Carcosa drop “Vermin”, guests to join for “Anthology”!

When they managed to record a full length album in between their day jobs we have no idea but Vancouver British Colombian Deathcore outfit Carcosa (ex-Galactic Pegasus, Angelmaker) have done exactly that with “Anthology” releasing 19th August. As with the bands debut EP “Absent” it was mixed by Ty Kingston (Bastian) and intriguingly it features

Playthrough: “Descensus” from Carcosa!

Only Andrew Baena could premier a track playthrough for a new song from his band Carcosa on the very same day that it was released. So without further ado, here’s the 8 string Deathcore mutant that is “Descensus” from the Vancouver British Columbia Deathcore quartet who feature Angelmaker guitarist Johnny Ciardullo on vocals. If you

Playthrough: “Absent” by Carcosa!

Canadian Deathcore collective Carcosa (ex-Galactic Pegasus, Angel Maker) may not have a bassist, but they did record all their own bass parts. Andrew Baena takes us through the title track of the bands recent EP “Absent” using a Dingwall NG2-5 five string bass in drop A tuning, pitch shifted to drop E. The whole technical

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Spiritbox #2

The love for Vancouver Canada’s Spiritbox continues to flow like a river to the sea and they grow not only their fanbase among Joe Public but also among their peers in the music industry. After all, who would have picked out Courtney La Plante to appear on a The Acacia Strain track before she actually

Playthrough: Children of Bodom riffs with… Carcosa?!

As the tragic news of the death of Alexi Laiho of Finnish Melodic Death Metallers Children of Bodom is slowly sinking in, Carcosa guitarist Andrew Baena has put together a video whereby he pays tribute to the legend by playing some of his finer riffs, including “Angels Don’t Kill“, “Are You Dead Yet?” and “Triple

Playthrough: “Devoid” from Carcosa!

What’s better than a guitar playthrough of the latest single from Canadian Deathcore outfit Carcosa? One that sees Andrew Baena playing an Aristides 080R in drop E tuning on 8 strings and one that sees bandmate Cooper joining him on a Kiesel DC800. “Devoid” is the name of that very single, the first since their

NEWS: Spiritbox long for “Constance”?

A fourth new single of the year for the rising stars of the Canadian Progressive Metal scene, Spiritbox have given us “Constance” via Rise Records with a chilling sense of the macabre wrapped in Courtney LaPlante’s lyrics. We can only imagine that Carcosa 8 string merchant Andrew Baena had an advance on this as he