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NEWS: Sadistic Force premier “Midnight Assassin” music video!

Having previously streamed the title track of their sophomore album in advance of the release via Horror Gore Pain Death Records, Blackened Speed Metal trio Sadistic Force have now unveiled an official music video for “Midnight Assassin“. Mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust, Municipal Waste, Power Trip), the albums from the Austin Texas trio is

Review: “Midnight Assassin” by Sadistic Force

The body of work that Sadistic Force have put together over the past few years has been nothing short of incredible and having received critical acclaim for their debut album “Aces Wild” it is safe to say that their sophomore record is in the highly anticipated section of the comic book store. It is said

NEWS: Sadistic Force hunt the “Midnight Assassin”!

Mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust, Municipal Waste, Power Trip) the sophomore album “Midnight Assassin” from Austin Texas Blackened Speed Metal trio Sadistic Force is set to break out of jail on 13th October for a killing spree unlike any other. Having already given us the delights of “Speeding Black Leather Hell” the band have

NEWS: Sadistic Force escape from Hell once more!

Armed for the apocalypse with songs inspired by serial killers, stalkers, and necrophiliacs, Austin Texas Blackened Speed Metal trio Sadistic Force will transport listeners into a dark and twisted sonic arena that exposes the harsh realities of human depravity and violence when they unleash their sophomore album “Midnight Assassin” on 13th October. They already have

Review: “Worship The Sun” by Krvsade (1st Anniversary)

“Militum Infernum“, “Judgement Day” and “Worship The Sun“, these are the short and yet sickeningly sweet EP sized gifts that Charlotte North Carolina Blackened Death Thrash Metal skull crushers Krvsade have given us since their inception in 2016. Ruminating on lyrical themes of War, Death, Horror and Hate early line up changes threatened to derail

Review: “Self Titled” by Wild Beyond

They say that the first bite is often with the eye and in the case of the debut album from Philadelphia nihilistic Blackened Thrash Metal trio Wild Beyond you only need to look at the cover art from the acclaimed Adam Burke (Angel Witch, Eternal Champion, Temple Of Void) to get excited about what it

Bootleg: Sadistic Force at Not So Great Fest!

The thing about Festivals is… Unless you’re a headliner you’re going to have to condense your material down into a poison dwarf sized razor sharp showcase. That’s exactly what Sadistic Force did at Not So Great Fest Vol. 4 at Mohawk in Austin Texas on 5th March as they rattled through “Nuremberg Nights“, “Cavern Of

Listmania: New Years Day Honours List 2022!

Just before Gingerbread John McClane gets put back in his box for another year, it’s time said thank you to a few people for another fantastic year of Metal Noise. Breaking out of the lockdown of what we’ve affectionately called the plague years live shows were in full effect and we were able to bring

Review: “Fossilized” by Cruentus

Two years on from their well received debut “Night Embrace Me“, Swedish Blackened Thrash duo Cruentus returned to the tried and trusted, entering Deathskull Studio E to record their sophomore album “Fossilized” with engineer Johan “Snoken” Nääs, the pair of multi instrumentalists Martin Öhman (guitar, bass, vocals) and Petter Bocian (drums, vocals) needing no further

Bootleg: Sadistic Force in Austin Texas!

“The Cauldron“, “Corpsewood Curse“, “Cavern Of The Wraith“, the are the voyages of Blackened Speed Thrash overlords Sadistic Force. Filmed at The Lost Well in Austin Texas on 11th July by Austin Harris this full set is the home town show that you didn’t know you wanted but you really need. If you missed it,