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Exclusive Interview: Vanitas talk self titled EP!

Sometimes when you listen to a lot of Metal it can be possible to feel jaded with things which are of a similar vein and then just when you thought you had it all figured out, a band of experienced musicians comes along like Vanitas and completely blows your tiny mind. No strangers to the

The Black Map #218: Vanitas from Birmingham!

As the United Kingdom endures enjoys a heatwave otherwise known as Summer Time, we head from the bright lights of our Capital Conspiracy City to the heart of it in Birmingham. There we find a quintet formed from the ashes of Verb The Noun and Aramantus with a mutual love of vast spanning JRPG soundtracks

Review: “Self Titled” by Vanitas

Birmingham quintet Vanitas maybe a new band but they are no strangers to the World of Metal, comprising former members of previous  Verb The Noun and Aramantus. What is new however is the sound that they are creating, taking inspiration from vast-spanning JRPG soundtracks and the raw energy of modern metal riffs combining them to

NEWS: Vanitas listen for that rumbling bass…

Ahead of the release of their upcoming self titled debut EP which has spawned a pair of singles in “Ghostly Coast” and “Breaking Illusions” so far, Birmingham Cinematic DJent act Vanitas have gone left field and released another new cut. This one isn’t on the EP which is out Friday 3rd June but is a

NEWS: Vanitas wander the hall of mirrors?

After last week’s audio stream premier, Vanitas have returned with a music video filmed by Seventh Sky Media for “Breaking Illusions“. The Birmingham quintet have coined the term Cinematic DJent as a genre tag for their sound and feature a wealth of experience with former members of Verb The Noun and Aramantus in their ranks.

NEWS: Vanitas shatter the Mirrors Illusion?

Having set sail on their maiden voyage in February, Birmingham Cinematic Djent band Vanitas have released their second single “Breaking Illusions”. Carrying a wealth of experience in their ranks with members previously opening for the likes of Monuments and Voyager in the progressive metal scene, Vanitas take inspiration from vast-spanning JRPG soundtracks and the raw