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Review: “Failures Vol: 2” by My Latest Failure

London Hardcore injected Punk trio My Latest Failure have been treading the boards since August 2017 and being inspired by Hardcore Punk and influenced by Pop Punk they provided us with sing-a-long shouty choruses and punchy verses with their debut EP “Failures Vol: 1“. That was January 2019 when Chris Underhill (Guitar/Vocals), Andy Hale (Bass/Vocals)

NEWS: My Latest Failure run from “Demons”!

30th April is the date that you need to know because the greatest Hardcore injected Punk EP in the World ever, “Failures Vol 2” from My Latest Failure will be falling from the sky like the Meteor from Deep Impact and infect your brain with catchy tunes that dig their claws in and do not

Review: “Failures Vol: 1” by My Latest Failure

There is something to be said for going the whole hog and showing a little respect. So with that in mind, we’ve decided to venture back into 11th January 2019 and ink a review for the debut EP “Failures Vol: 1” by London Hardcore injected Punk trio My Latest Failure. Why? Well later this month

NEWS: My Latest Failure release Dungeon crawler?

Not quite. The Hardcore injected Punks are battling what’s inside their collective minds with “Demons“, the second single following the incredibly catchy and dark humored “Voices” from their upcoming EP “Failures Vol.2“. That little number was produced by Charlie Wilson and Saujan Rai at Monolith Studios in London and if you want it now, you

NEWS: My Latest Failure hear voices (again)…

Thanks to Liza Clack who filmed the fiery Hardcore Punks at the Birds Nest in Depford on 15th June 2019, My Latest Failure have been able to cobble together a second music video for their recently deseased single “Voices“. Catchier than an STD in Ibiza, it’s one of four songs set to appear on the

Bootleg: My Latest Failure at Airplay Studios!

As firey Hardcore injected Punk trio My Latest Failure have their sophomore EP “Failures Vol 2” approaching in April (no that’s not an April Fools joke!), here’s the band performing their debut release “Failures Vol 1” at Airplay Studios on 6th January 2019. The first flavour of the new EP comes in the form of

NEWS: My Latest Failure seek cure for an itch…

If you’ve got a sensitivity to flashing imagery or catchy Hardcore injected Punk then look away now because our boys in My Latest Failure are getting paranoid. Seeking a cure for the itch they’ve premiered “Voices“, the first single from an upcoming EP entitled “Failures Vol 2” that comes with that classic red-black-white trivector colour