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Exclusive Interview: Browbeat talk “The Showdown”!

Calling out the the wrongs of Governments and corrupt multinational Corporations are Italian Hardcore mob Browbeat who dropped yet another razor sharp attack last month in “The Showdown“. Inspired by classic 90’s Hardcore and featuring a cover of “Slave New World” by Brazilian Thrash Gods Sepultura, it’s a record that is hard to argue a

Exclusive Interview: Browbeat talk writing and recording “The Showdown”!

Pointing their fingers and raising their voices with weighted accusations against corrupt Governments and powerful multinational Corporations who are pursuing their own hidden agendas, illegally exploiting the environment and leaving humanity to pay the price before turning to the media who have brainwashed the public are Browbeat, an Italian Metallic Hardcore outfit of myth and

Playthrough: “The Showdown” from Browbeat!

Legendary Italian Metallic Hardcore outfit Browbeat returned with a new EP earlier this month and have entrusted guitarist Luca Cocconi to create a playthrough video for the title track endorsed by Schecter. Titled “The Showdown” and featuring a ripper of a cover of “Slave New World” by Sepultura, it’s a concept release of sorts that sees

NEWS: Browbeat premier “The Showdown” ahead of EP launch!

Reviewed ahead of time earlier this week by Metal Noise, Italian Hardcore crew Browbeat have shared a music video for the title track of their new EP “The Showdown“. Including a furious cover of the Sepultura classic “Slave New World”, the record sees the band return for a second round knock out after their 2019

Review: “The Showdown” by Browbeat

After a decade of abstinence, the return of Browbeat in 2019 with “Remove The Control” was very much the rising of the phoenix from the ashes that the Modena Italians had started the band with in early 1998. The intention remained very much the same with that album has it had with the bands previous

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Most Anticipated Releases of 2022!

Our second look forward to 2022 comes in the form of our Most Anticipated releases because the endless cycle of Metal is a machine that never stops and that like a tank crushes everything in its path with its caterpillar tracks. There is no doubt that albums by Northlane, Crowbar and Once Human will be

NEWS: Browbeat prepare for the showdown with “The Real Face”!

Italian Metallic Hardcore act Browbeat have announced a new EP for 22nd January called “The Showdown” with the first taste of blood coming with a stream of “The Real Face“. A furious cut that sees them vent on the brainwashing system and the exchange of fake news, it will be joined by four others including

Review: “World Has No Pity For Fools” EP by Earthfall

Based in Sassari, the second largest city of Sardinia Italy are a Metallic Hardcore project called Earthfall. Featuring current members of Waar and former members of 2000-2002 era Absence, As Humanity Fades, Tigershot and Try Fail Repeat, they’re a band with a wealth of experience in their ranks. Formed in 2018, “World Has No Pity For Fools”