Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Most Anticipated Releases of 2022!

Our second look forward to 2022 comes in the form of our Most Anticipated releases because the endless cycle of Metal is a machine that never stops and that like a tank crushes everything in its path with its caterpillar tracks. There is no doubt that albums by Northlane, Crowbar and Once Human will be on everyone’s playlist but here are a few lesser lights of heaven that everyone can enjoy, so kick off those slippers, put out that pipe and throw the smoking jacket in the fire because these bands are going to burn the place down in 2022!

First up it has to be “Deadlock” from York Deathcore quartet InVisions who just completed a UK tour with Ghost Iris and have not only given us a couple of singles in “Annihilist” and “DVPE” but have also set the tone for an absolute rager of a record. 11th February can’t come around soon enough for us to check it out in full and naturally we’re expecting not only more UK shows but also for them to make their presence felt at a number of key festivals in the summer.

Usually we’d reserve this list for bands who already have a date in the calendar for their EP or album but for Weaponry we can make an exception simply because we had the privilege of being in the studio with them while “Forever Nothing” was being recorded and while that advanced screening doesn’t mean we’ve heard the tracks in full as they will fall (aside from “Please Enjoy The Show” which has appeared in their live set since those sessions), it gives us enough to know that it’s going to sound immense.

Our lethal dose of American hatred will come in the form of “Rex Mortem” from Chicago Progressive Melodic Death Metallers Burned In Effigy after they threw “Nightfall” our way in November and having gratefully received that hot potato, we’re expecting the album to go off like a Molotov Cocktail. The band have a new line-up for their sophomore record and so a comparison to debut EP “Terrestrial” is pretty much futile, as will be our resistance to the record based on what we’ve already heard and we only need wait for 28th January for that one.

The longest wait on our list is the third studio album from Finnish Doom infused Death Metallers Depressed Mode. Titled “Decade Of Silence” it features a stunning guest vocal appearance from Veronica Bordacchini of Fleshgod Apocalypse on pre-release single “Endless November” and a guest guitar solo by Jarkko Kokko of Mors Principium Est, on “Dissociation of the Extinguished Mind” that make it a mouth watering prospect to say the least. The date for this one is 6th May.

Which leaves us with Italian Hardcore crew Browbeat who will once again come out swinging with accusations of corruption against the governments and multinational companies of this World who are responsible for brainwashing the public while they pursue their own interests. That follows the barbed “Remove The Control“, one of the highlights of 2019 and judging by single “The Real Face“, it’s going to slap hard on 22nd January…

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