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NEWS: Aborted bring out their dead…

For their twelfth studio album titled “Vault Of Horrors“, Belgian Deathgrind chainsaw assassins Aborted have lined up a member of Death Metal or Deathcore royalty to appear on every single one for the ten tracks that appear on it. Just stop and take that in for a moment. Recorded with producer Dave Otero (Allegaeon, Cattle

NEWS: Aborted find video nasties in the Vault Of Horrors!

Recorded with producer Dave Otero (Allegaeon, Cattle Decapitation) Belgian Deathgrind collective Aborted are once again to remind us that their nation is as famous for them as much as their beer and chocolate with a twelfth studio album titled “Vault Of Horrors“. Said to be inspired by legendary horror films on VHS including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,

NEWS: Hellfekted share “Death Of Iron”!

Comprised of footage from their set at Bloodstock Open Air Festival this summer, Death Thrash Masters Hellfekted have shared a music video for new single “Death Of Iron“. Recorded at Sphynx Studios (Fleshgod Apocalypse), the song picks up where critically acclaimed 2020 album “Woe To The Kingdom Of Blood” left off, the band have hinted that

NEWS: Chaoseum follow Alice to Wonderland?

Taking what was great about Nu-Metal in the second half of the 90’s and pouring petrol on it to create a raging inferno are Swiss natives Chaoseum. They’ve followed album “Second Life” with a blistering new single in “My Wonderland” and once again welcome to the Museum of Chaos ahead of US shows in September

Interview: Depressed Mode break down “Decade of Silence”!

Now that Finnish symphonic Doom fuelled Death metal band Depressed Mode have finally released their long-awaited third studio album “Decade of Silence” via Inverse Records, Mastermind Otto Salonen has offered up a full track by track explaination of the record that features guest appearances from Veronica Bordacchini (Fleshgod Apocalypse) and Jarkko Kokko (Mors Principium Est). The

Review: “Decade of Silence” by Depressed Mode

After two critically acclaimed albums in 2007’s “Ghosts of Devotion” and 2009’s “..for Death..” released via Firebox Records, Finnish Symphonic Doom infused Death Metal band Depressed Mode went on a seemingly unending hiatus. But after decade of silence from which the album takes its name,  mastermind Otto Salonen (vocals, orchestrations), begun composing a third album

Interview: Demonstealer talk writing and recording with Gear Gods!

The Godfather of Indian Death Metal Demonstealer joined Gear Gods for a feature length interview about how the music of his solo project is pieced together. An insightful piece, from a multi instrumentalist and vocalist who is regularly joined by a myriad of guests including members of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Six Feet Under, The Amenta, Gorgasm,

NEWS: Depressed Mode tread the path of “Eternal Darkness”!

With a highly anticipated album from Finnish symphonic Doom Death metal band Depressed Mode on the way after a decade of abstinence, another new single is the food of the Gods in “Eternal Darkness” which features Veronica Bordacchini from Fleshgod Apocalypse. The album, cunningly titled “Decade of Silence” is set for a 6th May 2022 release via

Review: “Halo” by Amorphis

Thirty one years after their inception and in November thirty years after their debut album “The Karelian Isthmus”, the return of Finnish Progressive Metallers Amorphis with “Halo“, the third and final chapter in a trilogy of albums behind 2015’s “Under The Red Cloud” and 2018’s “Queen Of Time” couldn’t be more timely. A staggering fourteenth