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NEWS: Shadow Of Intent get furious with Elegy!

The long awaited fourth studio album from Shadow Of Intent has finally landed with the return of keyboard virtuoso Francesco Ferrini of Fleshgod Apocalypse to add the symphonic embellishments to Chris Wiseman’s crushing guitar work, not to mention a pair of guest vocal appearances from Chuck Billy of Testament and Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel. So

NEWS: Depressed Mode walk among us!

In autumn 2021 Finnish Symphonic Doom Death Metal act Depressed Mode signed a deal with Inverse Records for their third album titled “Decade Of Silence” which is now set for release on 6th May 2022. Mastered by Mika Jussila (Children Of Bodom, Amorphis) at Finnvox Studios Helsinki and featuring a guest vocal appearance from Veronica Bordacchini

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Most Anticipated Releases of 2022!

Our second look forward to 2022 comes in the form of our Most Anticipated releases because the endless cycle of Metal is a machine that never stops and that like a tank crushes everything in its path with its caterpillar tracks. There is no doubt that albums by Northlane, Crowbar and Once Human will be

Documentary: “The Making Of Elegy #1” from Shadow Of Intent!

Featuring guest appearances from Chuck Billy of Testament and Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel fame as well as keyboard virtuoso Francesco Ferrini of Fleshgod Apocalypse the upcoming fourth album from Deathcore titans  Shadow Of Intent is a mouthwatering prospect. If those appearances weren’t enough, the album also sees the band joined by new drummer Bryce Butler

Review: “The Holocene Termination” by Demonstealer

A pillar of the Heavy Metal scene in India, Sahil Makhija, better known as Demonstealer has been decimating ear drums for the past two decades with his first band Demonic Resurrection who have achieved five studio albums, a Metal Hammer Golden God award and multiple tours and festivals across UK and Europe. At the same time he

NEWS: It’s Endless November for Depressed Mode!

After two critically acclaimed albums in 2007’s “Ghosts of Devotion” and 2009’s “..for Death..” Finnish symphonic doom/death metal band Depressed Mode went on hiatus and as the years went by it seemed like they would never return. But as unlikely as it seemed, 2020 saw them enter Ansa Studio Ulvila as guitarist Teemu Heinola recorded

NEWS: Demonstealer return with “From Extinction Begins Evolution”!

A third single from the upcoming new all star underground guest featuring Death Metal Demonstealer EP “The Holocene Termination” has arisen from the black depths in “From Extinction Begins Evolution“. This one sees Simon Schilling (Marduk) on drums, Anton Zhikharev (Gorgasm) on bass and Fabio Bartoletti (Fleshgod Apocalypse) with a guitar solo alongside Mumbai India

Review: “Corpus” by Astrophobos

Returning for their third orbit around the Sun are Swedish Black Metal act Astrophobos who have chosen to take the left hand path and the road less travelled with “Corpus”. Collaborating with artists Lisa Wallert and Morgan Norman they have chosen to create not only a record that explores themes of impermanence, death and decay

Playthrough: “The Holocene Termination” from Demonstealer!

Filmed at Slaughterhouse Studio in Vienna Austria the studio session which saw drummer Eugene Ryabchenko of Fleshgod Apocalypse fame lay down his parts for the title track of the  upcoming Demonstealer EP “The Holocene Termination” was filmed by Adriano Tomesetti. Joined by a myriad of guests including members of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Six Feet Under, Equipoise,

NEWS: Demonstealer to return in December with “The Holocene Termination”!

After much teasing, Mumbai India based Demonstealer has announced an all star guest list for his upcoming 3rd December releasing EP titled “The Holocene Termination” alongside a music video for the title track. Mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio in Poland by Wojciech Wieslawski and Slawomir Wieslawski (Decapitated, Hour Of Penance, Vader, Behemoth) the EP