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Playthrough: “Treachery” from Burned In Effigy!

A concept album of a kind filled with tales of a tyrannical King’s rule and demise, including some other minor themes and stories from mythology and classic literature “Rex Mortem” from Chicago Illinois Neo Classical Melodic Death Metal act Burned In Effigy is one of the finest around. A high energy, diverse and technical record

NEWS: Its a brave new 8-bit World for Burned In Effigy!

After the release of their sublime new album in “Rex Mortem” which has not only received critical acclaim from ourselves, but Metal Injection, This Day In Metal and Invisible Oranges, Chicago neo-classical melodic death outfit Burned In Effigy have turned to the delights of the 8-bit realm to show fans their love of the retro

Review: “Rex Mortem” by Burned In Effigy

Six years ago back in 2016, Chicago Illinois Burned In Effigy started out as an instrumental Neoclassical Melodic Death Metal quartet brought together by a mutual love of complex, melodic and heavy music. They unleashed hell with their 2017 debut EP “Terrestrial” which paved the way for shows in support of some major players including

NEWS: Burned In Effigy listen to the Doomsayer!

…with lyrical themes dealing with the world burning while a tyrannical king watches from on high with contempt, Chicago Illinois Burned In Effigy have shared a music video for “Doomsayer” from their end of the month releasing new album “Rex Mortem“. The follow up to debut EP “Terrestrial” will see a fresh line up introduce

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Most Anticipated Releases of 2022!

Our second look forward to 2022 comes in the form of our Most Anticipated releases because the endless cycle of Metal is a machine that never stops and that like a tank crushes everything in its path with its caterpillar tracks. There is no doubt that albums by Northlane, Crowbar and Once Human will be

NEWS: Burning In Effigy prey for an Apocalypse!

In preview of their new album “Rex Mortem”, Chicago quintet Burned In Effigy have revealed a second single in “Doomsayer”, which doubles as the opening track and introduction to the album that showcases a trio new members joining the bands co-founding powerhouse rhythm section of Eddie Dec (Drums) and Matt Watkins (Bass). The guitar progressions alternate

NEWS: It’s nightfall for Burned In Effigy!

Neoclassical Melodic Death Metal quintet Burned In Effigy from Chicago have announced the seeds of change with the news of a follow up to 2017’s all instrumental 2017 debut EP “Terrestrial“. That will come in the form of half an hour of power in full length “Rex Mortem” set for 28th January 2022 which will