Playthrough: “Treachery” from Burned In Effigy!

A concept album of a kind filled with tales of a tyrannical King’s rule and demise, including some other minor themes and stories from mythology and classic literature “Rex Mortem” from Chicago Illinois Neo Classical Melodic Death Metal act Burned In Effigy is one of the finest around. A high energy, diverse and technical record filled with elements of other sub-genres and a treasure trove of riffs, the band have plucked “Treachery” from it for a split screen playthrough video…

Bassist Matt Watkins comments: “It expresses its themes in multiple keys and includes lots of counterpoints, including sections with 3-way counterpoint between the guitars and bass. The vocal chants throughout the song hammer home the lyrical themes of divine right and corruption. The king aims to present an image to his subjects as a just and noble ruler, while he plots to spread his treachery across the land. We are psyched to present our debut album, Rex Mortem, a catalog of the first chapter of the band. This has been in the works for a long time and we couldn’t be more pleased with how it has turned out. The songs vary in complexity and intensity and demonstrate our growth as a band since its inception. Listeners will hear influences such as The Black Dahlia Murder and The Human Abstract, combining our love for death metal and progressive/neo-classical metal. The vocals are gritty and tense and the lyrics emphasize this with dark tales inspired by mythology, history, and classic literature. We believe our album has something for all metal fans, regardless of preferred subgenre

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