NEWS: Burning In Effigy prey for an Apocalypse!

In preview of their new album “Rex Mortem”, Chicago quintet Burned In Effigy have revealed a second single in “Doomsayer”, which doubles as the opening track and introduction to the album that showcases a trio new members joining the bands co-founding powerhouse rhythm section of Eddie Dec (Drums) and Matt Watkins (Bass). The guitar progressions alternate between tight and muted and open and harmonized, building to a crushing pre-chorus and open, melodic chorus while lyrical themes deal with the world burning as a tyrannical king watches from on high with contempt. Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

Bassist Matt Watkins comments: “Doomsayer was a song we wrote not long after our debut EP and really became the core of our sound moving forward. It incorporated more themes from death metal while retaining its balance with melody, allowing for more aggression to come through in the music. The alternation between tight muted riffing and open, harmonized melodies felt natural once we incorporated it into our repertoire. Smedy’s vocals fit right in and the lyrics illustrated the apocalyptic feel of the song and tied into the ongoing lyrical story we told through the rest of the album.” 

“We are psyched to present our debut album, Rex Mortem, a catalog of the first chapter of the band. This has been in the works for a long time and we couldn’t be more pleased with how it has turned out. The songs vary in complexity and intensity and demonstrate our growth as a band since its inception. Listeners will hear influences such as The Black Dahlia Murder and The Human Abstract, combining our love for death metal and progressive/neo-classical metal. The vocals are gritty and tense and the lyrics emphasize this with dark tales inspired by mythology, history, and classic literature. Many of the songs follow the story of a tyrannical king aiming to expand his power and influence, who ends up being brought down by his closest allies. We believe our album has something for all metal fans, regardless of preferred subgenre.” adds the band.

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