NEWS: Its a brave new 8-bit World for Burned In Effigy!

After the release of their sublime new album in “Rex Mortem” which has not only received critical acclaim from ourselves, but Metal Injection, This Day In Metal and Invisible Oranges, Chicago neo-classical melodic death outfit Burned In Effigy have turned to the delights of the 8-bit realm to show fans their love of the retro with an 8-bit remix of their track “Artorias” by M. Marsh. If you like what you hear, you can find the original along with the full album over at bandcamp. We recommend it highly, but don’t take our word for it, do your own ear drums a favour and go check it out!

The band comment on the 8-bit video: “A lot of the band members, both old and new, have a love for video games, and especially fond memories of the ones we grew up with. There’s a kind of simplistic, bare-bones beauty to old 8-bit and 16-bit music, and many of us have been musically influenced by video game soundtracks throughout the years. We wanted to represent this with an 8-bit version of one of our songs, and Artorias seemed perfect for it. The name was taken from a character from Dark Souls, and the music was supposed to encapsulate the journey of a hero as they become corrupted by the very forces they fight against. The multiple sections of the song allowed for multiple different moods expressed through 8-bit sounds, and it just ended up sounding awesome to us. We had a video created for it to emulate the feel of a Game Boy/Super Nintendo-era start screen and tease the idea of if our music was written to be in a video game as opposed to being played by a death metal band. We want to keep incorporating some of these references from games that helped shaped who we are, such as in our recent NES Castlevania-style shirt that helps bridge this concept with our Nosferatu-based lyric video for Nightfall

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