Exclusive Interview: Browbeat talk “The Showdown”!

Calling out the the wrongs of Governments and corrupt multinational Corporations are Italian Hardcore mob Browbeat who dropped yet another razor sharp attack last month in “The Showdown“. Inspired by classic 90’s Hardcore and featuring a cover of “Slave New World” by Brazilian Thrash Gods Sepultura, it’s a record that is hard to argue a case against in a court of law. The second half of our conversation with the band we hope will inspire you to check them out – your ear drums will thank you!

How have you found the reaction to the pre-release single and music video for “The Real Face” so far? “We are having good feedback! We decided to put it as opener in the Ep because it is a song with a strong musical and thematic impact. It fully represents what Browbeat are now that is a powerful mix between 90’s style and modern sounds”

You returned in 2017 after a decade of silence; did you always know that the return was going to be for more than just one record? Did the way that 2019’s “Remove The Control” was received help you believe it was the right decision to come back? “After the reunion we were going to get back on the scene powerfully and after the writing of “Remove the control”, we honestly didn’t plan for the future. But after the shows to promote the album, we had come up with new ideas for new songs that we felt were much more mature, powerful and effective, so it would have been a shame not to release any new material. Certainly we had no doubts and we were very excited to get back on the scene because we still had a lot to give both on stage and writing songs”

The 90’s Hardcore scene is obviously something which is very close to the Browbeat heart and has been influential in your sound. If you could resurrect one of those bands now and go on tour with, who would you like to bring back and why? “Without a doubt personally I would resurrect the Biohazard of the album “Urban discipline” that changed my musical life. I think the tour of that album was the most devastating and killer of Biohazard’s entire career, definitely!”

Outside of the World of music, what do you love the most? “We are five different people with different interests and passions. Obviously the band and music are the main passion for us all. In addition to music, we like to read, watch movies, go to conferences, eat good food and be with family and friends”

If you could bring any guest musician to a future recording, who would you like to work with? “The list would be very long, everyone has their own idols and musical references. Personally by singer I would like to feature with one of my biggest idols who is Henry Rollins, even if he has stopped singing.”

What’s next for Browbeat? You must be itching to get back to the stage after this second enforced absence due to the Global situation? “We love the stage and the contact with the fans, so we simply hope for 2022 to do all the shows that can be done in our country and abroad, also because we will have to promote our new EP”

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