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Documentary: Tattoo Tours #3 with Vexed!

“Sacrifice every aspect of, Your life, Break your body soul, And mind, Talent and all of your time, It can’t compete with, Bloodlines, Nepotism nepotism, Another way to hack, The system, Favouritism favouritism, You don’t deserve the, Things that you’re given, Nepotism nepotism”

Documentary: Tattoo Tours #2 with Vexed!

“I’m done with hearing, I’m not good enough, That the quota has been filled, There’s space for everyone but in your, Eyes it’s kill or be killed, It’s kill or be killed, Go on criticise, tell me why. Tell me why a fetishism formed on, Hate and criticism is classed as, Opinion. It’s become the

NEWS: Carnifex get ripped in half…

As the barn burns to the ground and OG Deathcore pioneers Carnifex watch on with kerosine and matches in their bloodstained hands, the time ticks down to their European tour with Aborted, Revocation and Vexed. There are a trio of shows in the United Kingdom at the end of March in support of new album

Playthrough: “Trauma Euphoria” from Vexed!

Continuing the waterfall release of one take vocal performances from Megan Targett, Vexed have offered up “Trauma Euphoria” which was the third single from their sophomore album “Negative Energy“. That comes ahead of some seriously big shows for the Progressive Deathcore outfit in January and March with video captured by drummer Willem Mason-Geraghty and vocals

Playthrough: “X My Heart (Hope To Die)” from Vexed!

Following the news that January will see them ripping up the road with Lifesick, Viscera and Cabal across Europe, Progressive Deathcore collective Vexed have shared a genuine one take vocal performance of “X My Heart (Hope To Die)” from Megan Targett, recorded in their home studio. The track takes pride of place on the bands

NEWS: Vexed. Lifesick. Viscera. Cabal. January 2024!

Fresh from their United Kingdom headlining tour, Progressive Deathcore merchants Vexed have announced that they will be joining Lifesick and Viscera in a European tour trek from Hannover Germany to Copenhagen Denmark on the first headlining tour outside of their homeland for Cabal. During that run there will be a trio of shows upon our

Interview: Vexed and Pulse talk “Negative Energy”!

What could be better than a swan dive into the asphalt? How about an interview in which Napalm Records signed Progressive Deathcore collective Vexed do a Q&A with the band who are doing direct support for them on the “Negative Energy” UK headlining tour in October in Pulse? Two of those six shows are already