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NEWS: Abstrakt begin the ascent with “Inferno”!

Helsinki Finland based Symphonic Blackened Death Metal quartet Abstrakt have released a new music video for “Inferno“, one of the stand out cuts on their second studio album “Uncreation” which was released earlier this year via Inverse Records. Something of a labour of love, it was January 2019 that the band started on the final

NEWS: Ghorot prepare to create an eclipse!

A Blackened Doom-Metal Trio from the high desert of Boise, Idaho, Ghorot have been forging ahead with alchemy to create something bone crushingly heavy that takes elements of Sludge, Doom, Stoner and Death Metal and puts them into their very own Frankenstein’s Monster of a behemoth of sonic ferosity. All they ask is that come

Review: “Dark Wanderer” by Progeny of Sun

“All of your hopes and dreams, Don’t mean s***, All that’s left is now to nowhere, no, I believe, do anything at all costs, You must believe, Not all who wander are lost” ~ DevilDriver In March 2019 Progeny Of Sun released their debut self titled EP via Inverse Records as a duo having been

NEWS: Progeny of Sun hide in the shadows!

Finnish extreme Metal Band Progeny Of Sun have released a new EP “Dark Wanderer” via Inverse Records, today, 28th May 2021. Mixed by guitarist Jaakko Hautamäki with mastering by Sebastian Has (Behemoth) from Sound Division Studio Poland it follows their 2019 self titled Smith and Wesson and to celebrate the release the band have also

NEWS: “Kirous” music video from Kaamos Warriors!

The return of Dark The Suns multi instrumentalist Mikko Ojala’s other Finnish Dark Metal project Kaamos Warriors sees the trio go back to the winter of discontent for a music video for title track of their third album “Kirous”. They’re not resting on their laurels however and in January, just weeks after the albums release they

NEWS: Dimman frozen with fear by obscenity!

After announcing their forthcoming album “Songs and Tales of Grievance“ with single “Paroxysm” last month Finnish Melodic Death Metal six piece Dimman done the unfathomable and given us a second cut from the record, pencilled in for 30th July 2021 via Inverse Records. They have chosen “Obscenity” for the purpose, one of ten cuts recorded, mixed

NEWS: Nefariym suffer “A Morbid Delusion”?

An old school Death Metal band formed formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2019 by a pair of members of the Melodic Doom band The Eternal, with the idea of paying homage to the golden era of early 90’s Death Metal, Nefariym are set to release their debut album “Morbid Delusions” via Inverse Records on 24th 

NEWS: Shadecrown suffer the loss…

It may still be without a release date but the third album from Finnish Viitasaari based Melodic Death infused Doom mongers Shadecrown now has a name. It’s been given the title “Solitarian” and following the success of their last record “Riven” in 2019, it will be appearing via Inverse Records. A second single ‘The Loss” has

NEWS: Bloodbeat go surgical with “No Control”…

The Process Of Extinction began with “Rigor Mortis” last month for German Death Thrash collective Bloodbeat. That will be the title of their first recorded works since 2016 which is set for 18th June for release via Inverse Records with second single “No Control” perhaps allowing for one more little ditty before the jig is