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NEWS: Abstract return with “Etherstorms”!

Finnish Helsinki-based Symphonic Blackened Death Metal act Abstrakt have released the second single “Etherstorms” from their upcoming second studio album “Uncreation” set for 25th February 2021 via Inverse Records. Originally formed by the song writing partnership of vocalist Nightderanger and guitarist Azul Corax back in 2008, line up changes to the quartet have caused delays

NEWS: Ulthima follow “Eternity” with “Tears of Fire”!

The journey of Ricardo Escobar (lead guitar) and Antonio Valdés (bass) from México to Finland in 2016 to follow their dreams of making Metal music having been inspired by bands like Children of Bodom and Kalmah has been one that we’ve followed with a keen eye. The pairing finally established a stable lineup in late

NEWS: Ephemerald crestfallen with “All There Is”?

Finnish symphonic death metal band Ephemerald are releasing their debut album “Between Glimpses of Hope” on 19th February 2021 via Inverse Records and have dropped a third single entitled “All There Is“. Formed in 2016 by Joni Snoro (ex-Frosttide), Lauri Myllylä (Voidfallen), Vesa Salovaara (Vorna) and Juho Suomi (Apocryfal). Later they joined forces with Tuomo

NEWS: Final Void beg to be saved?

Finnish Tampere-based Final Void have released a second single from their upcoming sophomore album “Visions of Fear“. Entitled “Save Me” it follows “Symphony Of Lies” from the record set to be released on 19th February 2021 via Finland’s own Inverse Records. Band comments: “Save Me startles with straightforward, but a technical grip pulling you closer

NEWS: Abstrakt escape “Radiant Darkness”!

Finnish Helsinki-based Symphonic Death Metal infused Black Metal band Abstrakt have woken up from hibernation and will release a new album “Uncreation” on 25th February 2021 via Inverse Records. First single “Radiant Darkness” has been released today complete with music video. The band was formed back in 2008 by duo Nightderanger and Azul Corax but didn’t record

NEWS: Curimus take the 72 steps to Hell!

When their album “Garden Of Eden” was announced via Inverse Records the presence of Hell vocalist David Bower on “72” was not only greeted with intrigue but also as an obvious single for Curimus. So in the year of the Great Plague, they’ve gone to Miss Hoo to write, produce, direct and animate a video

NEWS: Everture fall “Undersky”!

Finnish modern Melodic Metal quintet Everture are set to release their debut album “Emerge” on 26th February 2021 via Inverse Records and have unveiled a third single from the 10 track offering to the Metal Gods in “Undersky“. Guitarist Matti Hautakangas comments: “Undersky is a big sturdy metal song with the kind of marching pace that

Review: “Annihilation” by Plaguebreeder

Inspired by such bands as Immortal, Behemoth and Dark Funeral, 2010 saw the birth of Plaguebreeder in Lahti, Finland. A decade of aggression has followed with the trio who now comprise Ardeath (vocals, bass, orchestra), Klaath (guitar) and Kalmisto (drums) waging war on the planet in Extreme Metal. Originally entitled “Misanthropy”, the bands fourth in

NEWS: Dark The Suns look for Ghosts… “Everywhere”!

Multi-instrumentalist duo Mikko Ojala (Vocals, guitars, drums) Inka Ojala (Bass, Keyboards) form Dark The Suns, a Finnish Melodic Dark Metal act who have unveiled a third single to follow “Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä” and “Seeker” in 2020. Taken from their upcoming fourth studio album which is to be released in 2021 via Inverse Records, it is

NEWS: Mizadeh return with “Rotten Sights”!

Finnish Blackened Thrash act Mirzadeh have set New Years Day for the release of their album “Sauna” and having already provided us with a music video for the title track, they have returned with another one for “Rotten Sights“. The quartet have made something of a tradition of having long waits between their albums over