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NEWS: Numento return with “The Solipsist”!

As yet unnamed and undated, Helsinki Finland Melodic Death Metal act Numento have announced a third album is on the horizon via Inverse Records in the summer of 2024. The five piece have done so with a single titled “The Solipsist“, while we await to see how many of the new cuts feature the eerie sound

NEWS: Justice Theory feel it coming in the air tonight?

Shot and edited by Teemu Myöhänen of Karma Media, Finnish melodic metal band Justice Theory have unveiled their first music video in six years. The clip is for the bands dark and atmospheric new single “Let It Die Tonight“, the concept for which originated in the fall of 2022 and is soaked in rum…

NEWS: Sailor Hunter evolve in Melodic Death Metal?

What are the chances that a band hailing from Gothenburg Sweden could be influenced by the Gothenburg sound? It might seem too good to be true but originally the solo project of guitarist Al Rinald, Sailor Hunter are that band. They also like to incorporate Symphonic Orchestrations and Groove Metal into tales from the Mediterranean

Review: “The Point of No Return” by Northern Genocide

The roots of Northern Genocide go back to 2010 when in Helsinki Finland guitarist Pyry Pohjanpalo and producer Rainer Pekkinen joined forces with a vision of Melodic Death Metal chemically enhanced by electronics. It would be a couple of years before the duo were able to piece together the bands initial line up and release

NEWS: Mirzadeh get Sentenced to Death?

Having announced the departure of guitarist Shagul after some twenty two years of service a few days ago, Finnish Melodic Black Metal outfit Mirzadeh have shared a cover of the Sentenced classic “Excuse Me While I Kill Myself” via label home Inverse Records. It’s their first new material since 2021’s well received EP “Sauna” and breaks

NEWS: The Harbinger search the barren hollow…

From the cracks of a concrete hell otherwise known as Kouvola in Finland, rises a new band with beautiful yearning Doom Metal melodies and crushing Death Metal riffs. Calling themselves The Harbinger, the five piece were formed in the winter of discontent that was 2016 and premiered their first EP “Shadows Dance” in three singles

NEWS: Lucidity pull on the threads of life?

A concept album that asks why do people blindly follow the direction given, without questioning why? What if you don’t want to follow the prescribed path? Why continue in the same direction as always? Shouldn’t we take a moment to look around instead? “Escherian” is an intriguing forthcoming third album from Finnish Progressive Melancholic Metal act

Bootleg: “Down By The Fall” from Volucrine!

…with their new album “ETNA” out last week via Inverse Records, Volucrine have shared a live rendition of “Down By The Fall” filmed at spring tour at On the Rocks in Helsinki on 31st January. Thus far each record has told stories of relatable emotions and challenges; to reflect and articulate humane themes beyond the

NEWS: Ulterror leave the Milky Bar Kid in the Milky Way!

The cosmic horror themed Blackened Death Metal continues to flow free as Kajaani Finland based Ulterror share a third single “Vector Nebula” from their 29th March via Inverse Records releasing new album “Transcendent Origins“. Be warned. If the first three cuts are anything to go by, it will be like watching the original 1979 Alien

Review: “Beyond Our Imagination” by Alase

A Progressive Metal trio who are nothing short of prolific, Finland natives Alase spent the first four years of their career churning out singles with alarming regularity before 2019 debut album “Vastaus” (or “Answer“) reared its ugly head. A collective who live without fear, borders or boundaries, they have made a name for themselves by