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Documentary: Shoot To Kill recap 2023!

Rabidfest survivors Shoot To Kill have taken a moment to recap what has been an incredible year for them as they released their debut EP “Torment” as well as September single “Thin Blue Line“. That EP features not one but two guest vocal appearances as Dylan Alves of Harbinger and Connor Connolly of Feel Shame lend their throats to

Live Review: Tech-Fest 10th Anniversary (Thursday)

Travelling up to the 10th Anniversary of Tech-Fest there are mixed feelings. The line up this year is incredible but the knowledge that maybe the final one weighs heavy on the head. It doesn’t feel right that something so great should come to an end, however making this one a celebration is paramount. That’s something

NEWS: Signs Of The Swarm. Harbinger. To The Grave. August.

“At the end of August, The end of, At the end of August, The end of, I’ll never replace the ones I first made, Jesus, does anyone? Crawling from the floor, I been there before, There I was staring back at the floor, And let’s make this clear, It came from these tears, Carved across

Documentary: Harbinger UK and Ireland Tour Recap!

Utilizing the skills of Visual Artist Connor Mason, Harbinger no longer need to write a letter to anguish and can instead put video evidence of their four show UK and Ireland tour from February before the court. The jury can deliberate on the footage which as you’d expect is littered with trademark Death Metal riffs

Bootleg: “Guile” from Harbinger!

Filmed live and raw from the stage by Connor Mason at the Limerick stop of their Irish tour on 17th February, Death Metallers Harbinger crush with “Guile” from their current mini album “A Letter To Anguish“. The band have announced their participation in this year’s incarnations of Mangata Festival in Nottingham and Derby Alt Fest

Bootleg: Shoot To Kill in Guildford!

Filmed at The Holroyd Arms in Guildford on 16th February, the “Torment” EP launch show from Shoot To Kill has been shared in full by the band. Sonnet Of The Damned, Swarmed and Detriment shared the stage that night, treading the boards with the band we first witnessed at Rabidfest in 2021. Shoot To Kill

Playthrough: “Prayer Of Deliverance” from Harbinger!

Keeping their profile high ahead of a trip to Ireland for four shows next month are Harbinger who have released a strings playthrough video for “Prayer Of Deliverance” from the current record “A Letter To Anguish” accompanied by a full gear breakdown. Sadly they’re not wearing the Toy Story Woody Cowboy hats they wore live