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NEWS: Harbinger premier “Guiltless” ahead of March shows!

After announcing their first tour promper in two years earlier this week, Technical Groove Metallers Harbinger have shared their second single with new vocalist Dilan Alves in “Guiltless“. A glorious animated music video created by Shindy Design and 12 Inch Media accompanies the track which includes a segment in Portuguese that has left us wondering

NEWS: Harbinger make it eight in March!

Also hitting the road very soon and for their first tour since January 2020 are Harbinger who have announced they will be joined by Dreameater as main support for a March run of shows with new songs including “Hate File” and the tomorrow releasing “Guiltless” giving us a real sense of the capabilities of new

NEWS: Harbinger return with “Hate File”!

The age of suffering is over and a new chapter has begun for Harbinger as they have returned with a much teased new single in “Hate File“. While they had never truly left, a change in vocalist without new material to showcase his talents was always a rock that needed to be shattered and his

NEWS: Pulse get heavy with “Enmity”!

As they continue to promote their debut EP “ourpulseisyours”, Nu-Metalcore out Pulse have dropped a music video for “Enmity“, a cut that features a guest vocal appearance from James Freeman of Starved. Be warned that while the incendiary riffage mixed and mastered by former Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeney from a band fronted by former Harbinger

Bootleg: New Song from Harbinger!

Filmed by Arcaeon bassist Eifion Sweet at last weekends Tech-Fest Techabilitation at The Hairy Dog in Derby and their third show in quick succession, a brand new song from Harbinger has surfaced signalling the end of the “Compelled To Suffer” era of the band. They’ve set 10th December for “Hate File” which could be a

NEWS: Pulse question our sanity?

Having celebrated the first anniversary of their first single “Worthless” last month, much loved in the USA Nu-Metalcore outfit Pulse who feature former Harbinger vocalist Thom Gardner in the ranks have unveiled their first music video. They have gone back to their debut EP “ourpulseisyours” which is mixed and mastered by Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeny

NEWS: Pulse aren’t ones for taking liberties!

Track number #4 of #6 from the debut epilogue “ourpulseisyours” that sees former Harbinger vocalist Thom Gardner reborn in Nu-Metalcore outfit Pulse has surfaced. Entitled “Liberty”, it sees Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeny, who also Mixed and Mastered the affair out 2nd April make a timely guest appearance. It had to happen and having seen Gardner

NEWS: Pulse search for “Unity”?

When Tom Gardner existed Harbinger saying that he wasn’t in love with the Technical side of their music anymore, many thought he was done. But his new band Pulse continue to launch singles in a Nu-Metalcore vein with a lyric video for something of a call to arms that is “Unity“. Their EP “Our Pulse

NEWS: Badgerfest add four new bands for 2021!

Taking the lineup for the 2021 edition up to 30, Badgerfest has announced four new bands in Old School Doom Metallers King Witch, the nightmare macabre circus otherwise known as The Injester, South West Blackend Hardcore act Grief Ritual and our friends in Manchester Technical Thrash Metallers BruteAllies! The event is set for Friday 15-17