Playthrough: “Prayer Of Deliverance” from Harbinger!

Keeping their profile high ahead of a trip to Ireland for four shows next month are Harbinger who have released a strings playthrough video for “Prayer Of Deliverance” from the current record “A Letter To Anguish” accompanied by a full gear breakdown. Sadly they’re not wearing the Toy Story Woody Cowboy hats they wore live for their cover of “Cowboys From Hell” by Pantera but you can’t have it all, can you?

16.02 Belfast, Voodoo
17.02 Limerick, Kasbah Dolans
18.02 Cork, Fred Zeppelin’s
19.02 Dublin, Whelan’s Upstairs

Ben Sutherland is playing a Carillion Plagueis 6 Custom.

Charlie Griffiths is playing a Carillion Hellcat 6 Custom.

Kris Aarre is playing an Ibanez SRFF800.

This song is in Drop C tuning C G C F A D.

Both of our Carillion Guitars are 6 Strings and set up in Drop C (C G C F A D) – Winspear are our choice of strings – 10.5-58.

Kris is using his 4 String Ibanez SRFF800 Bass set up in Drop C (C G C F) – he also uses D’Addario Strings – D’addario EXL170-STP 65-130.

During gigs and tours Charlie uses a Fractal Axe Fx 3, Ben a Kemper and Kris a Line 6 Helix Stomp. This is how we get all our live tones and we run them direct to FOH

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