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Review: “Mara | Mondrem” by Copse

As idle hands are the devil’s workshop, like so many that came before it what began as a lockdown bedroom project idea between guitarists Phil Vernon and Bono in the age of great plague went from ember to raging inferno and after recruiting bassist Rob Collier, drummer Ryan Westwood and vocalist Ed Garrood-Gibbs Copse was

The Black Map #214: The Hope Burden from Oxford!

Treking over snow capped mountains, cutting our way through Jungle undergrowth, crossing treacherous rivers and walking through graveyards in the dead of night, we head from the sunny south coast city of Brighton and Glass Grave to leafy Oxford to talk about The Hope Burden for this week’s essential hangover reading. It’s Sunday morning, so

Exclusive Interview: The Hope Burden talk writing and recording!

It may only be April but with a third of the year already gone we’ve heard a few stunning records that are in consideration for our Listmania season of awards between Christmas and New Year; one of those being the sophomore EP “Abandonment // I Want To Be Well” from Oxfordshire based Post Hardcore meets

Review: “Abandonment // I Want To Be Well” from The Hope Burden

Hailing from Oxford, vocalist Josh Day, bassist Ryan Thornton, drummer Phil Platt and guitarists Neil Brewer and Jason Smalley formed The Hope Burden in 2016 with a desire to paint in Post-Metal with elements of Ambient, Black and Sludge Metal in their hearts. The band released their well received debut EP “Decline. Despair. Decay” in

Live Review: Rabidfest 2021 Day #1 (Saturday)!

It’s been something like two years since we last had the pleasure of a festival or one dayer so today at The Bullingdon in Oxford at Rabidfest feels like a blast from the past, with the warm glow of nostalgia about it despite the cold of October. Working with the Mental Health charity Restore the

NEWS: Mortal Metal Festival 2 Line-up!

There is no doubt that the second incarnation of Mortal Metal Festival which is taking place at the Phoenix Bar in High Wycombe over the weekend of 1st November is THE place to be for all that is good about the UK underground Metal Scene. Not only is the line-up incredible, but so is the