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NEWS: Doc Hammer unleash new track “Terrorizer”!

In light of current events a band who rarely take things seriously have put together a tongue in cheek new track entitled “Terrorizer” complete with music video to raise awareness about Police brutality. That band are San Diego Hardcore crew Doc Hammer, who we’ve been telling anyone who is listening (and some that aren’t) that

NEWS: Doc Hammer love your haircut!

San Diego California sensual Hardcore act Doc Hammer have returned to the brilliant “Neon Devil” to give “Comanche Crew Cut” the full wash, cut and blow dry music video treatment. A song about scalping, the video is all about the party with some breast slapping, ass cracking good times occurring. If you like Everytime I

Riff Police! Pull Over! #86: Doc Hammer Vs Iron Maiden!

  The influence of Iron Maiden reaches far and wide, all over the Globe and sooner or later the elder statesmen of this Metal World are going to call it a night. Probably at two minutes to midnight. Yes. We just did that. The year 2000 may have been the height of the Nu-Metal era

NEWS: Doc Hammer take the “Heavy Drugs”!

San Diego California Hardcore Punks Doc Hammer launched “Neon Devil” into the ocean, necking the bottle of champagne before smashing it on the side of the ship! It might not be the conventional route but then neither is first single “Hevy Drugs”, a music video for which is out now! https://youtu.be/l86OkRtq8MA

Review: “Neon Devil” by Doc Hammer

San Diego Hardcore Punks Doc Hammer have returned with “Neon Devil”, 12 songs to inspire some serious drinking! The opening 10 seconds of it might make you think you’re listening to a classic rock release from Aerosmith or something before it bursts into life like a Motorcycle hitting the freeway and letting the throttle out.